Author - Vinesh Balan

[Update Aug 2018] The below describes me as on 2012. I've come a long way now, and lost blogging along the way. I'll try to rebuild it, and with time would rediscover a new "About Me".

 It's bean a year of Blogging(Oct 24,2011), and I could not celebrate it in a better way. Someone special gifted me a name for the blog - Virteacon. Virteacon? A meaningless word eh? But finding meanings in such things should be the purpose of life. Me, Vinesh Balan, with a name which is meaningless as well, tries to make an effort to enlighten certain shadowed things. Inspired by a lot of names, I insisted on having VB on my Blog's name. Virtual Beacon topped the list, but better sounded when cropped to - Virteacon. Virteacon, would enlighten you like a Virtual Beacon, with common things happening around the Virtual world. Virteacon does not limit itself to Virtualisms, life experience add valour to it. Welcome to my world, I sure will make you look back.

I'm Vinesh Balan, a 22 Year old Tech Enthusiast, trying to capsule all my Online Experience into a Single blog - Virteacon. To make a note on who I am in this Virtual World, I was once a LAB(Lockerz Advisory Board) member, and many know me as one(Google it!). Later I shifted my concentration on Blogging, and this blog, I should say, has evolved a lot since My First Post on 24th Oct, 2010. This Blog is all about the Trending topics which pass by everyday, and certain Tech news you need to know. Apart from Technology, I focus on Academics, Recruitments, Game Reviews and Life Experience in the form of Love. Virteacon is at its peak of Development cycle, and evolving contagiously. Keep updated to the latest trending news by Subscribing to my Blog.
  A note on my personal life, my home is at Kanhangad(Kerala, India). Ive completed my Graduation at Cochin University of Science and Technology(CUSAT), worked at Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.(Read my experience here - TCS) for a short period, and currently pursuing my career at Kalki Communications Ltd.. For more details, connect me on Facebook and Twitter