LinkedIn tips to boost your job hunt

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LinkedIn Tip #1 : Use CAPS wisely

This might look surprisingly trivial for some, but take a look at the LinkedIn profiles out there, you'd see all sorts of casing out there. To explain this more, take a look at the following
     2. vinesh balan
     3. vinesh Balan
     4. Vinesh Balan
which one looks professionally appealing? The 4th one of course. The first one is the worst you can do. All caps means you are yelling! When I joined in my new organisation, for some reason my name appeared in all caps everywhere - I was hesitant to ping/email people with that name.

This is applicable to everything else as well. Take a look at your designation
   1. Software Engineer
why would you wan't to yell that you are a Software Engineer?

Organisation name
   2. Applied Materials
Which one looks more elegant?

Of course there are exceptions. For example as a heading of your description, or the name of some organisations -

Please note that if someone is trying to find you over LinkedIn, your name is the first thing that'll pop up. If that doesn't look professional, it might be an early deal breaker.