Android Marshmallow 6.0 on Xiaomi MI3 (How to setup, and short review)

The MI3 is one of the best phones by Xiaomi. Eventhough launched a couple of years ago, the hardware still holds good in the current generation. Now being a tech geek, I get easily bored by the same software and often keep changing. Personally I've used these ROMs on my MI3

  • MIUIv5
  • MIUIv5 China Dev ROM
  • Android 5.1 by Ivan
  • CyanogenMod 12.1 Official
  • MIUIv6 Global Dev ROM
  • Android 6.0 by Ivan
Of these, the ones I used the most of Android 5.1 and MIUIv6. Now that we have Marshmallow, it's time to experiment on this. Here is a short review, and brief steps on how to set this up.

Note : Most of the info is available in the XDA Forum here . And as usual, I'm not responsible for phone bricks and anything that happens to your phone. Please backup all your data before experimenting

Setting up the phone
These are the steps followed to switch to Android L, from MIUIv6(or any ROM)
Download these before starting
Steps to flash
  • Primary requirement - TWRP recovery
    • If you are familiar to the embedded world, this is similar to a bootloader(Eg: uboot in linux). This helps you flash/clean/backup etc.
    • The best way to set this up is described here . To summarize, these are the steps
      • Download the "Recovey by" from the above thread and extract the files into a folder
      • Reboot your phone, which booting up(at the MI logo) hold Power and Volume down together. The phone will boot into fastboot mode(you can see the fastboot image in your phone)
      • Enter the commands
        • fastboot devices
        • fastboot flash recovery twrp-
        • fastboot reboot
    • While rebooting, you can hold Power and Volume Up to enter the TWRP menu
  • Download the ROM
    • Android 5.11.7 -
    • Gapps -
  • Copy the ROM and Gapps into your phone internal storage and flash the ROM
    • Wipe cache and data from TWRP
    • Flash android 6.0 ROM
    • Flash Gapps
  • Reboot (Enjoy!)
I've been using this ROM for 4 days, and it looks pretty stable. I'll list down the issues faced below. Listing down what I like about this ROM
  • It's Android 6.0(Yeah!)
  • It's buttery smooth
  • Almost everything works fine - WiFi, data, calls, music, radio, bluetooth, camera and everything that's required for daily use
  • Battery life is acceptable(not upto MIUI)
Here is my battery usage for the past 3 cycles

Cycle 1

Was a bit worried of the WIFI usage here. But the phone lasted a day for me

Cycle 2

Cycle 3

Summary of Battery Usage
Although I was worried of the high WIFI usage in the beginning, it seems it was an estimation error. The first two cycles lasted a day, and my typical usage involves
  • No mobile data
  • WIFI always connected
  • Facebook, browsing on chrome
  • Games Earn to Die 2 and Simcity BuildIT
For the third cycle, I played Earn to Die for more than 2 hours - which is very acceptable. Note that I started using Greenify from the third cycle onwards(slight improvement)

Issues in the ROM
  • Major Issue - you can't get into "Mobile Networks", As a result, no access point configuration, 2G/3G selection possible. As a workaround for the 2G/3G selection(I normally force it to GSM only and I don't use mobile data) dial #*#*4636*#*# goto Phone Information and set the "Preferred network type" Note: This is reset during every restart
  • Battery - not really great, but acceptable
  • Many apps crash - mostly because of the permission issues. You have to provide access to the apps individually to make them work. This is a generic issue as many apps are still adopting to Marshmallow
  • Google on Tap crashes if you long press Menu button. Workaround in to enable on screen buttons, try the Google on Tap, and come back
In short, I'm happy with Android 6.0 on my MI3. If you have any questions/suggestions, please post below.

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