Android Marshmallow 6.0 on Xiaomi MI3 (How to setup, and short review)

The MI3 is one of the best phones by Xiaomi. Eventhough launched a couple of years ago, the hardware still holds good in the current generation. Now being a tech geek, I get easily bored by the same software and often keep changing. Personally I've used these ROMs on my MI3

  • MIUIv5
  • MIUIv5 China Dev ROM
  • Android 5.1 by Ivan
  • CyanogenMod 12.1 Official
  • MIUIv6 Global Dev ROM
  • Android 6.0 by Ivan
Of these, the ones I used the most of Android 5.1 and MIUIv6. Now that we have Marshmallow, it's time to experiment on this. Here is a short review, and brief steps on how to set this up.

Note : Most of the info is available in the XDA Forum here . And as usual, I'm not responsible for phone bricks and anything that happens to your phone. Please backup all your data before experimenting

Setting up the phone
These are the steps followed to switch to Android L, from MIUIv6(or any ROM)
Download these before starting
Steps to flash