Teewe transforms your TV to a Smart TV

Recently purchased an interesting piece of gadget - Teewe. Straight to the point, what is this?

  • It's a wireless HDMI dongle
  • It has Android/iOS/Windows apps for phones
  • It has a Desktop app for PC/Laptops
  • It has a Chrome plugin
What do all these do? Transforms your TV, into something more than a Reality show/Saas-Bahu box. With this,

  • You can 'cast' photos/videos/movies from you PC/Phone/Tablet to your TV with a couple of touches
  • You can control whatever is playing on Teewe, with any devices connected to it
  • You can 'cast' Youtube videos - Teewe directly streams from Internet
  • You don't have to ask you wife/friends to connect the Laptop to TV everytime ;)
  • You can use your laptop for whatever you want to, while playing content on Big screen!
This device is an Indian version of Google Chromecast. Although I haven't used the Google one, I'm pretty much happy with what Teewe could deliver. I believe the Desktop app is one major difference with the Google Chromecast. The Desktop app let's you play the movies/images stored in your laptop without any hassle of cables. I watched a couple of movies with this, and the streaming is lag free so far.

Now getting deeper into details on my 2 week experience with Teewe

I have never heard of Teewe, nor did I know such a thing existed. Coincidentally, an ad popped up in my Facebook timeline(spot on), Teewe was having some 'Deal of the Day' offer in Amazon. It said it was a wireless dongle, and I could get it for 1,899 INR for that day. This looked appealing to me, and I thought - why not give it a shot.
The next day it was delivered, a petty little box - packed well, looking premium. I was still skeptical about the gadget though - reasons being I've never heard of this thing before, and when it gets to wireless, things can get ugly(on the side of performance).
Eager to set it up, I reached home and plugged the device to my TV. It had a charger too, which I plugged in as well(not sure if this is required always, I've never removed it though). A screen with the TV logo popped up in the TV - all purple and looking good. Then with the app installed in my phone, I was able to easily configure the device. NOTE: All the devices should be connected to a common wireless router! And that was it!
The Android app identifies all media in your phone and puts it up neatly on the app. It's easy to chose and cast on your new TV. You can actually also control the media(pause/play/volume) from another device connected to your Teewe. Now it was time for some tests

  • Youtube casting works like a charm. Everything is controlled via the app though. Select any Youtube app and ask to play on Teewe. The Teewe directly streams this via Internet
  • Sharing images might be a bit laggy if the image size is huge. But it's still great to see your Mobile pics on big screen
  • Same is the case with videos as well. Sharing videos on phone are a bit laggy if the resolution is high
  • Now time to install the desktop app. Note this app is in beta, and can get laggy at times. But once setup, you can add the desired folders and it will detect media from the laptop. All media is neatly put up as various categories in the app(this is more like a media player). Now just click play and Tada :) No lags, no wires, sit and relax. I watched a few movies using this, and the experience was really good!
Feel free to ask any questions below!

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