Top 10 Free Android Games that will keep you occupied for a long time

I've tried out a lot of games on my Xperia P for the past two years. Here is my list of the Top 10 Android games(Free). Please note that this is my personal opinion, do leave your list in the comments!

  1. Candy Crush Saga - I've heard a lot about this game, especially in Facebook with all that invites to play the game. But for some reason, I felt the game wouldn't be of my liking. But then, one of my friend plotted an interest of this game in me. I installed it, and Ta-Da, turned out to be my favorite game so far. This is almost a never ending game, and every level plays differently every time. It's fun, and simple, and engaging!
    What's the game about?
    Classic group three or more similar candies to break them and keep progressing. There are different types of missions you need to complete and progress through the levels(which are almost indefinite!). 
  2. Temple Run 2 - Now this is a classic game which requires no introduction. The first installation - Temple Run 1 set the trend for such a themed game. Simple, fun, engaging and never ending. There are tons of similar games around, Subway Surfers and Despicable Me: Minion Rush are similar fun games you have to try
    What's the game about?
    Run, Run and RUN! Just make sure your character doesn't fall of the ledges, or hit any road blocks. It's a simple swipe on different directions to make your character run through the levels
  3. Hill Climb Racing - A neat game wherein you go through different terrains with specialized vehicles. Earn coins, upgrade your ride, or buy new ones! The controls are neat, with acceleration and brakes only(plus balancing the ride)
    What's the game about?
    A 2D driving game
  4. Plants Vs. Zombies 2 - The initial installation, was the first Android game I played on my friend's phone. I then tried the PC version, and very much liked it. This game stands upto it's reputation and is fun to play. With a wide variety of levels, and environments, you never get bored of this. It gets a bit too complex with progression though, which can be a deal breaker if you are just looking for fun.
    What's the game about?
    It's about protecting yourself from getting eaten by Zombies. You have a set of shooting plants to protect your house. You require proper strategy to master this game
  5. 2048 - I just installed this game yesterday, and boy I have spend atleast 6 hours on this game already. Such an addictive yet simple game, keeps you going until you achieve the target. Topped my list of favorite games within 3 hours of game-time!
    What's the game about?
    Adding up number blocks to make an equivalent of 2048. As simple as that! But incredibly fun!
  6. Bus Parking 3D - This one might not be really a smooth/stable game. But the driving mechanics put in to maneuver the bus. For driving fans out there, this should be a good drive through to park your bus!
    What's the game about?
    Park your bus without scratching the road blocks
  7. Dr. Driving - Another driving game. This time it's just ride on the roads, avoiding the traffic. This game doesn't have great sound effects or effect, but the gameplay is neat!
    What's the game about?
  8. Angry Birds - I don't think much intro is required for this game. It's super popular, so is it's next gen game Bad Piggies. This game has a lot of different versions which add a different taste to them. Definitely fun!
    What's the game about?
    Slingshot the Angry birds to some set of blocks to destroy the villain Pigs
  9. Where's My Water - I've had very little experience with this, but I enjoyed the bit I had. Go ahead, give a shot!
  10. Air Control Lite - A simple game, where you have 3 runways specific for 3 types of Airplanes. You have to manage the traffic so that they don't crash into each other. It's upto you to draw the path!
    What's the game about?
    Manage the air traffic and land the planes without crashing

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