My Playstation Plus experience

A Playstation was a huge dream for me. About 7 years ago, my Dad bought me a brand new Playstation 2. But unfortunately, the gig got outdated with the arrival of Playstation 3. Late in 2012, I made that dream come true, there I had a brand new Playstation 3 Ultra Slim. Along with it I got Uncharted: Drake's Deception and Grand Tourismo  5 free. Later on I owned Fifa 13 and Grand Theft Auto 5. But these games are very very expensive, and then I subscribed to Playstation plus.
 So what is Playstation Plus? It's a subscription based service which gives you lots of online services and games free. Named as Instant Game Collection, Sony gives away atleast 1-2 games awesome games(on PS3). For Rs. 2950 a year, this is a great deal. Here is the my experience of the IGCs since Dec, 2013(I'll keep updating this, and I do not play all games). All these are completely my personal opinion, it might not be the same as yours.
  • DmC : Devil May Cry : This was the first one I tried. I did some research on the game before the download completed, and the reviews were mixed(especially with the history). The game looked brilliant to start with, with pretty decent graphics and smooth gameplay. I played this for quite sometime. With a combo of superpowers and guns, it looked fun. But as the game progressed, the whole sequence became repetitive. It was like start - kill 10 guys - go to the next section - start over. Yes there was a wide variety of superpower, and the storyline was good too, but this repetitive sequence just made me hate the game. I eventually deleted this

    Pros     :  Cool graphics, smooth gameplay
    Cons    :  Too repetitive
    Rating :  4.5/10
  • Remember Me : The presentation of this game looked wonderful and futuristic. Nilin, the female protagonist starts the game with her memory partially stripped. The quest to know who she is follows. The gameplay involves shooting plus combo actions(no superpowers, just kick and punch). There are varieties of kicks and punches though, and you can make a lot of combos and special stuff with them. The game looked really interesting to begin with, but somewhere the same repetitiveness caught me again. There were some interesting things, and the story line was interesting too, but the gameplay was way too much repetitive and the action was a bit more boring than DmC. Remember Me had the same result as DmC for me.

    Pros     :  Nice concept(tweaking into memory and modifying it, kind of inception), nice presentation
    Cons    :  Too repetitive, and the combos become boring after sometime
    Rating :  4.0/10
  • Guacamelee : I did not really play much on this. It's a 2D action game with a heavy Mexican background score. The game is fun, with a lot of combos, which take some time to get hold off. I never got much into it, because something bigger was coming up.
  • Borderlands 2 : I know this is a really great game, but I don't think I have the huge patience to crack it down. I chose to skip this adventure.

  • Metro Last Light :  I had tried out Metro 2033 a while back on my laptop, but it couldn't handle all it's glory. So here I was sure this game would be really good, and it was. Standard FPS shooter, which a wide variety of guns and customization. The game is set in a post apocalyptic world, and you have to wear a gas mask if you get out(literally :) ). With a tinge of supernatural elements, the game looks and feels great. The storyline moulds in great, with a multi climax depending on the choices you make. This would be the first PS Plus game I completed.

    Pros     :  Cool graphics and environment. Awesome story-line, multiple endings.
    Cons    :  None
    Rating :  8.0/10
  • BioShock Infinite : Another awesome game, but not my type. I began the game with huge expectations, but then as game progressed, it was literally a zombie attack. People keep coming, you keep killing and move. It took me a long time to reach a logical checkpoint, but I never made it to the next one. I deleted this game.

  • Tomb Raider : I've been a huge fan of Tomb Raider season, played almost all the previous games. My laptop couldn't handle the graphics of this one, and the Playstation 3 version was really expensive. But then here it was, this game totally made PS Plus worth for me. This installation of Tomb Raider is not as linear as the previosu games. Puzzles would be something you'd miss in this game though, not many tough ones are out there. This game takes a path of intense drama, survival instincts and pure gut feeling. The game is simply awesome, looks awesome, great island to crash in, slick gameplay, stealth and bust in options, and everything you dreamt of in a Tomb Raider game. You also get to explore the whole island(after finishing the story mode) which is a great addition. Already looking forward to the next Tomb Raider game. I completed this game in 5 days, which kinda disappointed me.
    Pros     : 
     Cool graphics and environment. Huge island to explore. Multiple options of combat. Very dramatic story line. Exquisite setup(gorgeous yeah!)
    Cons    :  None. A bit short? Maybe.
    Rating :  9.5/10
  • Brothers : A Take of Two Sons :  A neatly executed game. This game revolves around two Brothers in a quest for retrieving some magical medicine to treat their father. The gameplay is something new and fresh to me. It involves only 2 button(R2 and L2) and the two analog sticks. The R controls the elder bro and L controls younger bro. The specialty here is that you gotta control both the bro's simultaneously to execute certain slick actions and solve puzzles. It is quite difficult to get used to, and you certainly forget which set of controls move which brother. But the more you play, the better. The game is a tad bit emotional in the end, and eventhough the language of the game is not English(something gibberish like the SIMS), it doesn't make a difference at all
    Pros     :  Nice puzzles, refreshing new gameplay. Storyline.
    Cons    :  Controls might get confusing. Irritating bugs.
    Rating :  7.5/10

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