IRCTC generates a daily business of Rs.50 Crore! Wait, where's the Login page?

IRCTC a.k.a. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd, is an widely popular, useful, convenient portal for booking train tickets in India. Along with these, I'd like to add the adjectives, painful, frustrating, unreliable and pathetic(Agree?). If you don't agree with this, please click the link - IRCTC and let me know if you where able to login(or even see the login page!)

Yeah, yeah, I had a terrible week with the web portal, trying to book Tatkal tickets a very very important occasion. And 3 times, 3 days, I was left with nothing but a login screen(once in a while). I might be writing this out of pure frustration, I hope I make some sense(If no, please correct me, leave a comment!)

So I went out to dig in some information about this business enterprise. Here are my points

  • An average of 4.7 lakh train tickets are booked in a day(Source :  Forbes)
  • Rs.10(minimum amount) is levied on each of these tickets. I believe this exclusively goes to IRCTC. That mounts to a profit of Rs. 47 lakh(minimum) a DAY?
  • As per this article - We are sensitive to users' pain from congestion on IRCTC website, 8 lakh users login between 8 to 8.15 am. That post was back in 2012. This could be probably tripled by now, and the traffic bursts would come in two slots(normal and tatkal opening). Note that these pages have third party ads and Adsense(I think?). This could be a huge revenue, definitely in terms of millions of Rupees.(and that's every day)
  • As an update to statistics - IRCTC Stats. It indicates around 26 million hits a month. You do the math. And to further solidify how huge this is, the Alexa rank of the site is 451 - Alexa IRCTC. To those who don't know, Alexa is a huge database that ranks sites based on their popularity. The list is lead by the familiar sites Google, Facebook etc.
  • These stats would be great for a company as huge as Google, Yahoo etc. But for something like IRCTC, for which I'm not aware if it has a stable employee base, office, infrastructure etc., isn't this tad bit huge? Where does all these money go to? And what are we getting in return(a forever loading page?)
These are the negative points I see. Have more? Please add in the comments! Also do let me know all these thoughts are just a spur of the moment.
Now after reading the article - We are sensitive to users' pain from congestion on IRCTC website, especially the para
There are about 7.5 lakh people who go dissatisfied each day. If we increase our capacity to handle 15 lakh concurrent connections, then about 14.5 lakh customers will go dissatisfied. The solution is to increase the capacity and number of trains. 
True, but isn't dissatisfied better than frustrated or better than a never loading page? Can't there be an alternative to the never loading page? Can't one of the best e-commerce sites in whole of Asia Pacific perform better than this?

Am I wrong? Please enlighten me!

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