Google Camera and Chrome Remote Desktop for Android

Google recently launched a couple of useful apps for Android - Chrome Remote Desktop and Google Camera. I just tried them both

  • Google Camera - brings in some useful features
              -- Photo Sphere
              -- Panorama
              -- Lens Blur
    The photo sphere allows you to take 360 degree pics, which does look interesting, but I didn't like it much. This mode makes you take atleast a couple of dozen photos(you have to keep a dot in the screen aligned), and finally stitches it into a big sphere.

    Panorama is a standard feature, nothing more to it

    Lens Blur is interesting. Some of the latest high end phones(Nokia and Xperia) have pitched in this feature earlier, and I was excited to get that on my Xperia P. With a couple of tries, I got an idea what it could do. Haven't spend much time on it though. For starters, this is what it can do

    The first one is the original pic(left), you can basically select a focus point and blur the rest. I know it's not perfect, I think I can make better pics with practice :)

    On the other hand, this app is only available on devices running Android 4.4 KitKat. And as I am using a custom ROM(read here), it came with a fair amount of glitches. I could not open the "Settings" of this app, it just resulted in a crash. The camera screen wasn't full screen either.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop - This is an interesting concept, to be able to use Chrome to share desktops(No more Teamviewer or Microsoft RDP), it's just chrome everywhere(which we already use, just have to install an extra app). I have concerns with it's security too, it's like Google takes over everything! However, here even after setting up Chrome Remote Desktop on my Ubuntu 13.10 and on my phone, I was not able to like my laptop on the phone. I assume this could have something to do with Ubuntu. Will have to figure this out. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions, please do share!

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