10 Simple Tips to Improve Battery Life of your Android Phone

I own an Xperia P, and anyone who owns it knows how bad the battery is. It's equipped with a 1305 mAh battery, which is way below par for the otherwise awesome phone. I've done my fair amount of research for the past two years, and here are my observations. I've sorted it according to the ease of applying the tip and the effect of the tip(Eg: 1 --> Is easy and most effective).

  1. Greenify - Without any doubt, I'll put this app on the top of my list. Greenify lets you select the apps installed in your phone, and hibernate them in a single click. This has a huge huge impact on the battery. Apps like Facebook leech the battery at a very high rate. By greenifying the app, you put it into hibernate mode, this means that until you manually open the app, it'll be sleeping. Make sure you don't greenify apps like Whatsapp(which will make it sleep, and thus stop receiving messages unless you manually open it)
  2. 2G/3G - Atleast on my phone, using a 3G network was a very costly affair(in terms of battery). By this I do not mean of using data connection. When your data is not on, you can simply switch to 2G network. You can find the settings at Settings ->Mobile Networks->Preferred Network Type. On some phones it will be GSM(2G)/WCDMA(3G)
  3. Switch off Auto-Sync/Auto-Update apps - I personally do not find the need for auto syncing contacts, calendar, photos(major impact on battery), regularly. These can be done manually at some intervals. Also unchecking the "Auto-Update apps" in Play store settings will help improve the battery life
  4. Switch off Location sharing - This might not have a huge impact on the battery, but it's a feature that you needn't use always. I think KitKat has a couple of battery saving modes for Location sharing as well
  5. Switch off Google Now - Do you really use Google Now? Ask  for yourself. Personally, I don not have any major use of it. Showing the time to different places of interest(feature of Google Now) will drain the battery
  6. Switch of WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC etc when not in use. WiFi has a lot of interesting battery saving techniques which you can use. The stock Android available on Xperia phones have a Battery Saver mode which switches off all these comms when the phone goes to idle mode.
  7. Remove unnecessary apps - If you don't use an app, remove it. Some apps might run in the background, eating away your Memory and Battery. Try to avoid Battery Saver apps(if you don't really find a use of it) and Anti Virus apps(if you read around, you'll know Anti Virus apps don't really do much on an Android phone)
  8. Use Dark Wallpaper, avoid live wallpaper - The first time you own an Android phone, you are definitely going to be excited to have a Live wallpaper. It fades away with time, and it better do as it drains out the batter for just a visual fantasy. Also using a dark wallpaper would help the scree to drain less juice from the battery
  9. Switch off Screen Auto brightness - Certain phones provide the feature of Auto Screen brightness. While this is useful, it means sensing the light around constantly and changing the brightness. Keep your brightness to low to get better from your battery. I personally still use this though, it's something that I can't avoid
  10. Custom ROM - This would be the last thing you would want to do. It's quite complex and comes with certain price. Read more about this here - Get most out of an Xperia P
By following these, I could make sure that the battery drain was minimal when the phone wasn't operating. See this screenshot.
Rest would certainly depend on your usage.

Please share you thoughts and suggestions! Thanks!

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