Reacting to harassment, does it change anything?

Many a times as a girl I have come across scenarios and situations that made me feel that for a girl she is first a body then a person. Men ogling ,passing lewd comments, and even worse trying to get a touch as if that is going to offer them nirvana. What I don’t get is why do men take this huge risk of being caught and complained for such a minimalist amount of pleasure. Or is it that there is no risk at all?  Recently we have been seeing this outcry that girls should start reacting more, and that would eventually lead to men being afraid and some how they will start respecting women. In my opinion Respect can never arise from fear. And the recent experience I had just fortifies it.

On the eve of new year I was travelling from my Hometown to Bangalore. Yeah the whole world was celebrating and I was in the dingy old Rajahamsa KSRTC. I was seated in the second row just behind the conductor. And after a while a guy got into the bus, kind of in his twenties. Normally when you book in RedBus, seats next to single ladies seats are reserved for ladies. Somehow this guy had his seat next to me. As in my character the precaution buzzer in my head got switched on as soon as dis guy occupied his seat next to me. It was a cold night and I was covered in a shawl , sweater and a blanket. So literally if he could make out I was a girl was only from my hair. After a while I could feel this guys elbow encroaching my side of the armrest. Though I was uncomfortable I adjusted myself in my seat telling myself that I was being a little too cautious and judgmental of guys. Even if it was a lady her elbow might’ve touched me. And then I slept off hoping for a happy new year. In between I was awaken by the same encroaching elbow .The guy seemed asleep, I woke him up and asked to move his hand away from the arm rest. No harm till now and I dozed off again.