Hope, that's making me blog again! #HopeProject

It's been over an year since I jotted down a word on this blog. Not that I didn't want to, but I was too lazy to fetch content, put it into words, and then spread the word. I was more into wasting time, working, playing video games, watching series(Friends and now Breaking Bad). I'm still doing it, but something made me do this today.

I happened to attend the Milaap IndiBlogger Meet today. What is that? I had no idea till today noon, except that I'd have some fun with fellow bloggers. My usual partner decided not to go for this meet, so I was doubtful on whether to go for it. But then, it was again a lazy weekend and I wanted to do something.

I reached the venue, which was Microsoft Research India Labs, and had the usual faces of Vineet and Karthik greeting at the doors. There was also the cute lady photographer of IndiBlogger making rounds at the reception(Hope I'm not getting into trouble for this ;) ). I took my seat, and the crowd was looking a more serious and focused one compared to the #SoakNoMore and Office365 meets.

Then came in the Zombie, with an ever energetic mic to start-up things. Not including the details of the meet in here, I'm writing this for another cause.

A particular line by Zombie opened my eyes - "... with #IndiChange, we are making change, and we want to grow the sense of Social responsibility along with the each individual system... "

Yes! That is what we are lacking in our current generation. With AAP causing ruckus up in North, there is an indication that people want to do more. But where do we start? What do we do? Charity? Go up for social service? Not all these are practical for the current generation.

Here comes the interesting concept of Milaap. - http://milaap.org/how-it-works
Instead of giving charity to unknown agencies, or going down to earth to help people, you can make a loan to people in need. Now how many times have your friend borrowed a 1000 Rs from you? Can't you do the same for a greater good? The greater good being that you help people in need, to grow off their problems. Every penny you spend can be tracked, i.e., you know what it is being spent for. And to make it better, when then borrower pays it back as a loan(very very low interest), over a flexible period of time. Ain't it interesting? Well it's easy too. Go to their site, chose the project you want to support, give the money you would like to loan, just in a matter of clicks!

That's that for my first attempt over years... #HopeProject

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