Mockdrill Havoc at Bangalore

This incident happened at Bommanahalli(Opp. Salarpuria Serenity apartments), and next to my office Kalki Communications Ltd. on 7th August 2012

Another fine day at office(I wonder if fine and boring could be synonyms), after a heavy lunch at Paulosettan, Google Hurdles was the best past time. With flashes of coding and debugging coming in between, it was still a normal afternoon. But it was soon to be not so normal.

Amidst the monotonous rituals, alarming sounds began to buzz. They were coming from all around. Ah, it must be some VIP trying to get to some place, so I soothed myself. But then the Sirens remained, with hopes of silence diminishing. People started looking out, just to see Army Vehicles swishing around and parking in style, trucks sidelining, with people in classic Military green running around. There were people with florescent green and orange life-jackets running around. Wait, did I miss something? What is going on! No one had any idea. I moved on to the terrace, hoping to see a better view. Ambulances where swishing around, it had rained earlier, had a building collapsed? Or is it just a mockdrill? No idea. The hypothesis of Mock drill faded when people were rushed into ambulance, which rushed on again. Roads blocked, people running. Army around put forth the hypothesis of a terror attack, but they were just holding their rifles and enjoying the scene. So then, I uploaded a pic into Instagram
Chaos at Bommanahalli

There were lots of people looking around from my office, but none knew what was happening. Me and my colleague decided to take a stroll at the crime scene. And when we asked around, we came to know that it was a Mock Drill. Ouch! That sounded silly to us, here are a few pics.

Fire Engines soaring high
Rescuers carrying dummy casualities
The Boss(I guess)
Clearing out the road
Managing people - Not that easy eh?
The Boss(Again, I guess)
Neatly lined up trucks
It was a nice view to catch! And I hope the people had a great experience too! 

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