It's Official - I'm a Blogger!

August 4, 2012 : 1.09 pm
 The clouds were playing hide and seek, droplets spoiling the texture of my overcoat. I had stopped by a Red, and traffic was piling up on a busy afternoon at MG Road, Bangalore. I was on my two wheeler, the red beast, which was not too hot with the gloomy climate.
Rajbhavan Road kis tharaf hai?[Which way to Rajbhavan Road?], that question woke me up. Yes, I was heading to Rajbhavan road too, and I was asking the same question to lot of people to catch up. But when someone near asked the same question, it struck me, are they going to the meet too? 

August 1, 2012 : 8.30 pm
Argh! Another boring day, when would I ever get back to the blogging spree? I was upset that I was not spending time on my Blog, which once made my life interesting. But with time, I went to the writer's block. Work caught up with me, and spending time with blog seemed to be difficult. Indiblogger was the only blogging community I followed, and I was clicking on random posts in there. It was the chance of this post - Life..Love Interrupted to get my attention, and full attention did it get! Great post in there Nabanita! Scrolled down to jot down a comment, and then scrolled up on the comments. That's when this particular comment, by Mr. Mahesh, caught my eyes...

"... I will be at the Indiblogger Meet at Bengaluru this weekend! Would you be coming? ... "

Wait what? A meet? At Bangalore?

August 4, 2012 : 1.11 pm
Ghosh! Traffic, I hate it. I hate to be at the meet at 1.30 pm, I have only 19 minutes! Being earlier than schedule was my hobby, and my need. I wondered if I would be late for the meet, which I definitely did not intend too. Then I hoped the people who asked the way to Rajbhavan might be going there too! Fellow Bloggers! I've never met any virtual fellow blogger, ever, and today, I was about to meet tons of them!

Dang! Tons of horns honking at top of its voice, the signal had gone green, time to swish through the traffic. And time to be at the meet on time.

August 1, 2012 : 8.35 pm
I was looking at the Indiblogger site which holds the details of the meet. It said - 1 Seat Available. Should I register? Before I asked too many questions to myself, I clicked on Register[I always regret on lost opportunities, not this time]. I filled in my name, and other details as if I was booking a Tatkal ticket on IRCTC, and it was done(Unlike IRCTC, this was much more efficient!). God! What have I done? Am I actually going to a public meet, to meet 150 strangers? 150 people who were virtual till date? Would I be ignored? Would I look stupid? Would I? Would I... ? 1000 questions came up. But in the end, I decided to go. I was officially going to be called a Blogger, and be a part of a huge community. Too big a task?

August 4, 2012 : 1.16 pm
Again traffic besides the Chinnaswamy Stadium, I've never been to this place. I've been checking Google Maps and asking people for the way to The Capitol Hotel, Rajbhavan Road. That's the place I'm going to meet a lot of strangers, and be a part of it! My heart was bumming on the thought of it, I've always been a quite guy, and especially Be away from  Strangers guy. And I was still here, and ... crap, those horns again. The signal was green.

I sped past the stadium, crossed Dr. Ambedkar Road, and there I saw the Capitol Hotel. It looked like a Hi-Fi Hotel, god, where am I? Parked bike at the basement, and walked towards the entrance. I doubted one second before stepping in, which was catalyzed by the beaming Door Keeper. I went straight to the receptionist, but could not ignore the gleaming chandeliers hung by. I was wondering, what if I'm at the wrong place? What if the receptionist laughed at me on saying Indiblogger?. With all my courage, I asked, Indib..blogg.. meet, where is it? The receptionist acknowledged what I said, and pointed downstairs. So I was at the right place! I stepped down, and met a welcoming guy in Purple shirt who had Indiblogger written on it.  Hi, I'm Karthik. We shook hands, and I replied We've met?, Of course we have! Karthik was beaming, this boosted myself. I entered the hall, which was Soaked by #SoakNoMore tags and Surf Excel. Registered myself, and found a lonely seat the last row. I spend some time alone there, exploring my new piece of gadget, Xperia P.

There were people in gangs, laughing, playing, enjoying... seems people know each other. Sigh, I'm going to be the lonely one...  Then a guy with a Mic came to the center stage asking us to sit forward. The first rows were unoccupied, and then Harsha Chittar ran to sit upfront. 6 months Surf Excel free for Harsha! And there it began...

August 4, 2012 : 5.45 pm
With a gift hamper(1 kg front load Surf Excel), Two Tee-Shirts, a DVD Player(Yes! Samsung DVD Player!), I'm confused on how to get back home on a bike. And to add to this, it started drizzling. I wore my rain coat, barely stuffed the DVD Player into my half zipped bag, and clinged the gift hamper onto my bikes handle. I started going back, but again, the direction was a problem. I went through unknown roads, went through wrong roads, and finally got onto track. On familiar roads, I started looking back - what had happened the past 4 hours? I can barely recall everything...

August 4, 2012 : 2.15 pm
We started introducing ourself, the names would come up on the screen, and we had to introduce ourself. My name came in second! Omg, I ran out of words, gobbled something, and passed over the mike. People introduced, people laughed, gifts showered. And when all completed their part, it was time for action. We had to form groups of 4, select shirts, and give a team name. My team had Orange, and we were a bunch of enthusiastic brats. ! The first event was to throw balls into a bucket, with prizes handed over as T-shirts, then came Lagori! People were running up and down the hall! It was terrifically fun! And then we had to make anagrams with letters on our T-shirt. After somehow squeezing out 4 words of the 26 people group, the host - Anoop Zombie started talking
"... with 4 anagrams and 26 people, the winner of this Event is Team orange, and each one of them get a dvd player.."
Wait, what? Did I hear a DVD Player? Before I could verify what I heard, cheers poured in. Seriously? A DVD Player? OMG! I won a DVD Player! I couldn't hold myself, I roared - Orange Team Kiii!

August 4, 2012 : 5.55 pm
The drizzle was getting stronger, but less traffic means I can get to my destination less soaked. Haha! I had pledged to #SoakNoMore! On reaching home, I posted on Indiblogger forum, Had an awesome time @Indi's!!! It was just great! I scrolled up the other comments, and I found one I had posted earlier.

August 3, 2012 : 7.55 pm
I know none going to join the meet, what am I going to do there? I started adding up people who had registered for the meet, hoping for some contacts. Then I posted on the related thread. But I barely got any response. ! People are ignoring me, except Leo, and Princess Poo who filled the thread with smileys. They were the only people I could look forward to

August 4, 2012 : 6 pm
Laughing at myself on how dumb I was thinking that I was jumping to a sea of strangers. Fellow bloggers, best place to meet. I'd love to Soak with these bloggers again and again, ouch! Sorry, #SoakNoMore!

Nice meeting you guys, I know only a handful of names to thank - Leo Vinay, Princess Poo, Nabanita, Sibichen, Shiju, Mamata, Raghava, Farida Rizwan, Balaji, Anoop, Shruti, Anupama, Karthik, and the boss Renie! And of course all those who I've met, or seen - and to the pretty photographer too(I do not know her name) ;) Here is what I owned for the day!
and ofcourse

You can read more about our experience here - #SoakNoMore
Take a look at our pics here Pics

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