It's Official - I'm a Blogger!

August 4, 2012 : 1.09 pm
 The clouds were playing hide and seek, droplets spoiling the texture of my overcoat. I had stopped by a Red, and traffic was piling up on a busy afternoon at MG Road, Bangalore. I was on my two wheeler, the red beast, which was not too hot with the gloomy climate.
Rajbhavan Road kis tharaf hai?[Which way to Rajbhavan Road?], that question woke me up. Yes, I was heading to Rajbhavan road too, and I was asking the same question to lot of people to catch up. But when someone near asked the same question, it struck me, are they going to the meet too? 

August 1, 2012 : 8.30 pm
Argh! Another boring day, when would I ever get back to the blogging spree? I was upset that I was not spending time on my Blog, which once made my life interesting. But with time, I went to the writer's block. Work caught up with me, and spending time with blog seemed to be difficult. Indiblogger was the only blogging community I followed, and I was clicking on random posts in there. It was the chance of this post - Life..Love Interrupted to get my attention, and full attention did it get! Great post in there Nabanita! Scrolled down to jot down a comment, and then scrolled up on the comments. That's when this particular comment, by Mr. Mahesh, caught my eyes...

"... I will be at the Indiblogger Meet at Bengaluru this weekend! Would you be coming? ... "

Mockdrill Havoc at Bangalore

This incident happened at Bommanahalli(Opp. Salarpuria Serenity apartments), and next to my office Kalki Communications Ltd. on 7th August 2012

Another fine day at office(I wonder if fine and boring could be synonyms), after a heavy lunch at Paulosettan, Google Hurdles was the best past time. With flashes of coding and debugging coming in between, it was still a normal afternoon. But it was soon to be not so normal.

Amidst the monotonous rituals, alarming sounds began to buzz. They were coming from all around. Ah, it must be some VIP trying to get to some place, so I soothed myself. But then the Sirens remained, with hopes of silence diminishing. People started looking out, just to see Army Vehicles swishing around and parking in style, trucks sidelining, with people in classic Military green running around. There were people with florescent green and orange life-jackets running around. Wait, did I miss something? What is going on! No one had any idea. I moved on to the terrace, hoping to see a better view. Ambulances where swishing around, it had rained earlier, had a building collapsed? Or is it just a mockdrill? No idea. The hypothesis of Mock drill faded when people were rushed into ambulance, which rushed on again. Roads blocked, people running. Army around put forth the hypothesis of a terror attack, but they were just holding their rifles and enjoying the scene. So then, I uploaded a pic into Instagram
Chaos at Bommanahalli

Indian Journalism - Make it or Break it

I'm not a great fan of politics, not a great fan of following news either. But when I'm jobless, I do go through certain articles. And Times Of India, for some reason is the easiest website to pick up. I had seen those Hindu ads back then, which were pointed on the heart of TOI. But I now realize what they meant, and what they are trying to make. The sole aim of Indian media(not only TOI), is to sensationalize a news. Make it, break it, manipulate it, blow it, hide it, its upto them on what reaches the audience - All for Money.

As a blogger, I know how one feels when his article is not publicized. I do realize the desperation one has to spread the word. But is media is that frantic stage now? Do they have to be? As News reporting channel, they should have certain responsibilities too. But I think, all they care now is to get more hits, create controversies, and keep people involved in a self scripted backstage.

What am I saying? It's a system called comments. Indian news channels, I'd point out two of them here - TOI, and Hindustan Times. Check any article, and scroll down to the Comments. You can see tons of people posting ridiculous comments, and another ton abusing each other for commenting. This creates the audience, now the stage is set. All they have to do is sit back, watch the fun, and earn for the click they get(via ads).