Online shopping deals, for Real? Or just another Scam?

It's the era of Online shopping, sit at home, make a few clicks, wait, and tada the item shipped free to your home. Like in the Flipkart ad, we buy a thing, just looking at the pic("Shaadi se pehle main apka sirf photo dekhi thi"). It's convenient, and yes, tending to be safe. I've been trying to buy a phone lately, and on its research, I came across many lucrative offers. Most of them turned out to be shopping.
I've included the MRP references from Flipkart, and the site offering the deal. Also, in future if any of these deals do not hold/removed, I am not responsible. These information are valid as for today(July 22, 2012)

41% Off! OMG! That's such a great deal(Left Pic). As seen on Snapdeal. Its states the MRP states that its worth Rs. 39,999. And I just took a look at Flipkart, which provides the most accurate MRP(in most cases) or you can go through the official sites and stores, which states its actual MRP as Rs. 28,400.
The Right pic shows even better offer on Ebay(compared to the above)

OMG!(Again), 47% OFF on Xperia GO!(As seen on Ebay Deals) Ahem! Reality check, again Flipkart to the rescue, which state the MRP as Rs. 18,999!!! That's clean bowled! (Oh, sorry for the cricket terms)

Next on prowl, Xperia P. Now I got this phone last week for Rs. 25,203 from a local store of Sangeetha Mobiles. This amount was inclusive of Insurance, Free Home service, and a free Bluetooth headset. Again, on Rediff shopping, it shows a whopping MRP of Rs. 39,900!

Now its the turn of Galaxy Note, on Snapdeal. It shows its MRP as Rs. 38,250. And an attractive discount of 15% to it. Here is a Flipkart link to it, rest is self explanatory

I'm going to add a couple more to the never-ending list

This time, its HTC on Snapdeal. Quoted with MRP. Rs. 39,199, and given a handsome discount of 18%. However, Flipkart, again says another story.

Now onto my favorite offer(on Ebay deals). I've been longing to own this phone, and this offer struck me. It looked a pretty decent one, and yes it is. Except for a few facts. The MRP of Xperia Arc S is around 25k now. And also, the catch in most of the Ebay Deals is a term called Dealer Warranty. This means that you can't get your new mobile to be repaired at any Sony showroom, neither can you claim warranty. If anything happens to the New phone, you have to sent it to the Dealer, and according to his discretion, he may/maynot charge you for the repairs. Now this is a risk you take, if you are really unlucky, you might get hands on a faulty device. And this means your money is lost, nothing to be done.

Now that's what I found when I did a very small research before buying a phone. Finally, I decided to go against these deals and buy a phone from the store. My opinion is either go for Flipkart, or local store. Let me know if you have had similar experiences.

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