Indian Journalism - Make it or Break it

I'm not a great fan of politics, not a great fan of following news either. But when I'm jobless, I do go through certain articles. And Times Of India, for some reason is the easiest website to pick up. I had seen those Hindu ads back then, which were pointed on the heart of TOI. But I now realize what they meant, and what they are trying to make. The sole aim of Indian media(not only TOI), is to sensationalize a news. Make it, break it, manipulate it, blow it, hide it, its upto them on what reaches the audience - All for Money.

As a blogger, I know how one feels when his article is not publicized. I do realize the desperation one has to spread the word. But is media is that frantic stage now? Do they have to be? As News reporting channel, they should have certain responsibilities too. But I think, all they care now is to get more hits, create controversies, and keep people involved in a self scripted backstage.

What am I saying? It's a system called comments. Indian news channels, I'd point out two of them here - TOI, and Hindustan Times. Check any article, and scroll down to the Comments. You can see tons of people posting ridiculous comments, and another ton abusing each other for commenting. This creates the audience, now the stage is set. All they have to do is sit back, watch the fun, and earn for the click they get(via ads).

Now why do I call this system ridiculous? I'll point out one example. I found out this article today Power grids fail: 20 states affected, 600 million people suffer. And as usual, scrolled down to the Gossip center. There were tons of comments bitching about the Government, India, Corruption, the system, blah.. blah.(Feel free to take a look!)What caught my eye was this, I made this comment[This is not the exact comment, as I do not have a copy of it, but it sounded something like this]
"Note: By posting your comments here you agree to the terms and conditions of Haha! I wonder what those Terms and Conditions are. Indian media has to grow up on filtering the comments. They should take responsibility of the comments posted on their sites. This can be only done through strict moderation"
Again, it sounded something like this, it is not the exact comment. To my surprise, on submitting this, I saw a message which told me that my comment is waiting for approval by the moderator. I was happy to see this, because unlike TOI, this had the feature of moderation. Now Disqus also has a feature of subscribing to the comments once you make a comment. And this is what I have.
I've received 98 notifications[which means 98 comments have been approved], and counting. And still, my comment has not be approved. At the same time, take a look at the comments being approved. Pity!

To be honest, TOI comments are worse, and the best place to gossip, and bitch around. But I recently realized things could go way worse than this too. I'm not talking much about that, but the Guwahati Molestation case just seems to be a Media havoc created by local news channels to boost their TRP! Sigh!

Grow up, take responsibility of what's on your site.

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