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 Not many know that an add-on to FIFA 12 was released recently, which of-course showcases Euro 2012. At first, I thought it was an all new game put out by EA Sports, but on installing the game, I found the same old "12" icon, with FIFA renamed as Uefa Euro 2012. I doubted if I was cheated, and on opening the game, everything was same. Same intro, same menu, same everything! A bit disappointed, till I discovered something.

 On scrolling on the options in Fifa 12 Menu, I found out a new entry. Yes, it was UEFA Euro 2012! On getting onto it, a totally new interface surprised me. This was unusual for the FIFA series, there was a whole new revamped menu, presentation, and the Euro 2012 atmosphere build up.

What's new?
 The game is still FIFA 12, gameplay, physics, graphics, everything remains the same. Or does it? Not exactly! It has all new Stadiums, new Teams, new Commentary, new Gaming system, and totally new atmosphere! If you love FIFA 12, and you are a fan of Football, you'd certainly want to get a feel of this. Let me put down what's new in this again(just to make it clear)
  • -- Game Basis -- FIFA 12(No difference in Engine, or gameplay)
  • --  New Stadiums
  • --  New Teams
  • --  New Commentary
  • --  New Gameplay(Euro 2012, and of course the highlight Expedition)
  • --  New Menu
  • --  Totally new awesome Atmosphere
Wait, new Gameplay?
Well, not exactly new, but a new kind of approach towards game. There are a few options you can explore Euro 2012,
  • --  A Quick match
  • --  UEFA Euro 2012 Campaign
  • --  Expedition
The first one explains itself. The Euro Campaign is what you need if you thoroughly enjoying Euro 2012. Now what's Expedition? This is something new on the Offline campaign. You chose a player, name a Team, and create a startup to the Euro Qualifiers. You have to beat other teams, earn your respect, and build up your team. Now how do you build up a team? Here lies the fun, you get a player of opposition everytime you defeat them. Yes! I totally enjoy doing this, and exploring the various targets opened up in the campaign. If you are an expert player, you'll find this fun, the main reason being your first team would be very basic, slow and dumb(but so would be the opposition)!

Performance and Looks 
I'd stick to the same review I put up for FIFA 12 on this occasion, read it here - FIFA 12 -- PC

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