Use your home PC from Office or anywhere!

 This technology is not such a big deal today, but it was once. I remember when my friend Jithin used the Remote Desktop Connection app to control his home PC from his new Phone(Nokia E72). A few years back, this was exciting for us, but now, its just another routine in work. IT companies demand such working conditions, wherein you control a PC of your branch office or Customer location, from your Office. I should say it also takes away the pain of instructing your parents to search for a Resume in your PC(Thanks for this sentence Rohit)!

  So let me get into the technical details. Its simple, in fact very easy to setup a remote desktop connection. All you need to have is a Software installed in both the computers(The PC/Laptop you want to access, and the PC/Laptop you are working on), and ofcourse Internet Connectivity

Team Viewer
 This is the software I was talking about. Its a small application which can be downloaded free from here - Download. Install this application, and open it. You'll find a window with two sections - Allow Remote Control and Control Remote Computer.

Configuring your Home PC/Laptop you want to access
                - After installation, not the Your ID and Password mentioned in Team Viewer(as shown below)
                - Pass these details, or note down these details. It will be used for authentication onto your system. Make sure this is kept secret, as anyone who has these credentials has access to your PC!

Setting up the connection
                - After installation, on the right side, enter the Your ID you noted earlier in Partner ID(shown below).

 On clicking Connect to Partner, you'll get a window to enter Password. If the authentication is success, tada! You can view your Remote PC, control it, or even watch a Movie(Strongly depends on your Internet connection!)

Go ahead! Give it a try. Also, within a LAN, you can try mstsc. i.e., enter this command from Run(Windows+R).
Note: Make sure that you have enabled Remote Connections in your PC(via Properties in My Computer)

P.S. This works vice versa too! You can control your Office PC from Home! Work from Home! 

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