No Touching, No Touching. Gender Taboo in India

 Gender a.k.a Sex has always been a taboo topic in India. With such diversity in culture and lifestyle, India has reached a point wherein the Modern Lifestyle stands up to the Traditional Culture. Culture in India is unique, to those who live in India, they know about it. To those who do not, Indian culture is Orthodoxy(a bit too much I should say). We Indians may not realize it, and its quite musing when we come to know about this fact.

One day, I was watching a program in Discovery Channel(I don't remember the title), which was on miracles and godly beings. Somewhere in between, they pointed on certain funny or strange rituals done over the world. Even I thought it as funny by the way they presented it. But then next they commented "... such rituals would be no surprise to Indians, as every citizen believes in these rituals and even practice it..." . This is when I realized how unique, and how different our culture is from the Western Culture(which apparently is gaining popularity)

Now let me get to an incident that resulted in this post. We were going out for a treat the other day. At a traffic signal, one of my friends noted something in a bus next to us. A young man had his hands over his girlfriend's(I suppose) shoulder, which was looking a bit awkward at the angle we were looking. My friend burst in laughter and gossiped it around. Now what's wrong with that? Nothing is wrong, but I would just like to point a few things

               -- If this had happened in US or any other Western Country, no one would have bothered
               -- Indian culture seals such things as X Rated, or something not to be done or said, like you say You-Know-Who
               -- The mindset of teenagers. Now, I know some may think this statement as absurd. But I can see two perspectives of this incident. One like the above, which majority of teenagers would be doing(especially boys). They cherish such jokes, or I should say crave for such things. The second thought, which rarely happens is - So Beautiful! This might come easily to a Girl's heart(or a lover's heart), but Indian girls, I believe, would not dare to look at such an incident(I know, I know things are changing).
               -- Next conclusion I'd make is about the change in perspective of public display of affection. I doubt such incident would've occurred in India(in public) 10 years ago. Things are changing around.

Now who do we say Right? And who do we say Wrong?
               -- Teenagers for Gossiping - Right, because they are teenagers. Wrong, because they have a negative thought to love(only negative)
               -- Teenagers for showing love - Right, they love each other, its their life. Wrong, Indian culture demands not to do such things. When you are in India, you ought to respect the Culture?
               -- Indian Culture - Right, make things more clean, and orthodoxy. Wrong, it creates a craving sensation among people, and too orthodoxy.

I would like to know your thoughts on what I just wrote. I know there would be lots of Rights and Wrongs. Do share it.

Now let me go away from this incident. I was Googling for Gender Taboo in India to get some content to fill up here. And I found this link - Why is Sex a taboo in India. Curious, I just checked out and searched Sex. This was the result I got.
Now that's disgusting. I know Internet is common around teenagers, and kids. But I believe, so do many, that blocking something boosts the anxiety in us. The more we try to run away, the more curious it gets.

What can we do about it? This lies in your hands, the next generation people. You should realize how to bring up your children. Sex is not a You Know How topic, its a topic to be talked to your children, to make them healthy, to make them aware, and to make them more mature. If you don't do it, someone else would do it the bad way. And once done, its impossible to be undone. As they say,
Life does not have a Ctrl+Z 
Looking forward to know your thoughts on this, please do leave a comment.

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