Facebook Messenger is OUT!

It was just another login for me at Facebook, but there was a hidden surprise. I saw a popup which asked me to install Facebook Messenger! Curious, I installed the setup, which didn't take much time in fact.  This is how it looks at start-up, you can notice the grayish Facebook icon at the task-bar as well. You can install/download the Application from here - https://www.facebook.com/about/messenger

On logging in, it looks just like a detached Facebook sidebar. It has Feeds flowing in, Chat window below, as well the Facebook trios at the top(Friend Requests, Messages and Notifications). Below is a screenshot after logging in.
Clicking on notification blurs the sidebar.
And multiple chat windows work in TABS!
Which I think might be quite useful. Another notable feature was the Dock to Right, which set the Facebook messenger as a Desktop Widget on your PC/Laptop. Its like a Facebook Sidebar, in Windows!
If you find out any interesting features, leave a comment!

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