Modern Lifestyle - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

 Life style, what has it been for the past few years? A havoc, I should say. I haven't made a detailed analysis on the lifestyle of different people, rather here is my thoughts on what is happening around me. How it was once, and how it is now. There is a definite change in each and every aspect, be it clothing, gadgets, vehicles, food or friends. Things have changed, but a question remains - is it Good? Bad? or Ugly?

So where do I begin? Hm... Virteacon says Technology, and let it be(this would be the major content of this article). Technology is growing at a pace we never imagined, and its definitely making impact on life. There are tons of examples around, wondering what? Let me quote a few I have noticed.
         - Computers! God, what is technology without that intelligent piece of artistry. Let me go back 10 years, computers to kids were like oh my god! That's a Computer! But now, its like the air we breathe? A major turn around. I still remember whining to my parent to own a computer, which went on till I was in 10th grade. And when I owned one, I had strict instructions too - an hour a day(not more!). But now? I see my cousins, who are in 3rd grade, playing Games(Violent, vulgar, and you name it) whenever they want! They own PSP's, poking it around wherever they go, or high end Consoles. Old retro style Sega Video games are history(I still have sweet memories of Contra, and Mario!). Now Computers have gone cheap, easily available, and one of the basic amenities. No Computers? No Future, I guess.

         - Internet - A subset of Computers, but a superset of Life. Internet is easily available now, on Mobile phones, portable consoles and of course Computers. Internet was limited 10 years ago, but at your disposal now. You can do anything you want in there, with your own wall of freedom. I feel pity when my cousins stick onto a corner with a mobile phone, he/she might be playing joyfully, or might be exploring the real world(something he/she is not supposed to at this age).
         - Mobile Phones - Who doesn't own a mobile phone now? Even beggars do(no offence meant!), and intriguingly kids do too. That's the modern lifestyle, mobile phones are just a toy. Yeah, who cares on what a kid can do on a phone? I got my first phone when I joined college, that's when I became 17 years old. I wonder what parents are thinking when they hand over Phones to 10 year olds, especially girls. Come on - its their teenage, they would do whatever they think is right(which is proven to be wrong).
Ah! Seems I'm talking too much about kids. Let me get to grown ups(not above 40's!). Freshers - what about them? Most of the graduate get a job easily nowadays with a decent pay up. EMI's are everywhere at the moment. If you have Rs. 7,000 with you, you can own an awesome phone - be it Blackberry(no offense Suraj), or some Hi-Fi Smartphone. They just want to feel it in their hands. This does not limit to mobile phones and other cool gadgets, bikes - are also a important factor.
         - Bikes - EMI again! Earn for 3 months, get to drive a bike. Such is the economy right now in fact. Its no longer, work hard - earn - save up - and enjoy. Its earn - enjoy - think future later. Yeah! Yeah! I know life is there to enjoy! Just putting up the mindset 20 years ago and now! No one to blame, that how life is today, and that's how it will be. Speaking of Bikes, I believe the 18 year age limit should be strictly followed by everyone. Its no child's play, things get serious here. With all the anxiety on teenagers, given an opportunity, they will certainly give a wild shot which often lead into accidents. Again, Teens, control yourself! Or the future may-not be secure! Oh yeah, FYI, I'm a teen too. And yes, I believe in the fact that Kids never understand Teenagers, Teenagers never understand Adults, and vice-versa.
         - Facebook - Last but not the least, Facebook has rewritten the lifestyle withing a short span of 4-5 years. People meet from all over the world, no matter you know them or not. People learn each others customs, rituals, and lifestyle. This is a totally different topic, but the most influential one I should say. Read more here - Facebook

In short, life has become Enjoy the present, rather than Save for the future. Is it good? Yes, definitely as an individual you blast the present. Is it bad? Yes, you might be harming your future, and the who know's what else. Is it Ugly? A teen would say - Hell No!, an Adult would say - Definitely Yes. I would say... Yes.. er sorry No... Nah, let me leave it to you. Leave a comment to vote up which is/was better!

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