How the Virtual World impacts Your Life

Social Networking is something new, and evolving. People are crazily following it in search of a new life, a new life where you can mould yourself into the one you dream. It is powerful, where you can talk behind a beautiful profile picture, and pretend to be someone else. It's a whole new world created by You. Here is a few points I jotted down way back - Few points to build up your Virtual Personality. People thought this was ultimate, so did I. But recent developments prove that it's not completely Virtual, in the end, it will effect your real life.

How? Recent incidents throw light on it. There are two of them actually, one the case where Employers asked Facebook passwords for an interview, and the other case where Japanese court asks Google to ban Search auto-update. These incidents open up a twist on Social Networking, and its impact on life. It also puts up the importance of something we always ignore - Privacy Policy.

Let's take a look into the first incident. Suppose you are a Social Networking freak, who plays around all day in Facebook, building up your own Yo virtual identity. It may not be the real you, who is a geek and a good individual. You go up to attend an interview for your dream job. After rocking on 3 rounds, in the final round the interviewer asks for your Facebook account and Password! Why? Because it might throw a bit more light into your character. Good move by the employer, but what's going through you? So you give the password, they login to your account, and pop. A message from your virtual friends, which doesn't look so good. Can you convince the Interviewer that the Facebook You, is NOT the real You? NO! Never. That's when you'll realize the impact of your Virtual Identity on you.

Now to the second one. The Japanese court orders to remove Google Search Auto-Update feature. Why? Let me put up a scenario for you. You frame up a wild personality on Internet, just to satisfy your wild desires. Right now, Google is god - where all your questions get answered. Before an employer sign you up, he might Google you, to just make sure his choice was right. Just on typing your first name, the employer surprisingly get your whole history - thanks to Auto-Update. Bang, there goes your job offer.

These incidents are real, and I am sure there would be more implications of Social Networking and Privacy, coming out in the near future. This is just the beginning, so be careful while you build up the image of your dreams on Internet, and always remember - its still You.