A Blogger's drought

Sigh! It's been really long since I've lost the Blogger spirit in me. There was a time when I used to make a couple of posts everyday, on every topic that crosses my mind - be it a journey I made(Konkan Railways), or  a self cooked theory(Internet Life Cycle). I was anxious and vibrant on my thoughts, but as pointed in the "Internet Life Cycle", there was a point of saturation.

And now I face it, a terrible loss of words. However hard I try to find a topic to twiddle on, I land up in no words. Work, lack of time, and the ever changing tech world made me lazy to catch the train I never used to miss. But then I lost track of it, and trying to get back desperately. Desperation does no good over here, all you need is a makeover(I'd rather call it an F5). So here I am, trying to recall my long lost charm on blogging, and trying to rejuvenate the hungry writer in me.

Technology used to me the heart of Virteacon, but now on, I'll be writing what comes to my mind, just to catch my breath - and feel the vibes in me again. In the meantime, I would also like people interested in making Guest Posts to contact me here. And to all the readers out there, I'm running out of ideas! Please shoot them out as comments below, or mail me at author@virteacon.com

Looking forward to a fresh start.

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