Jurassic Park - The Game

 Well well well, what do we have here? A game of the legendary movie series Jurassic Park? Ah! Movies turned out to game never kicks off. So how about this? Before you try the game, read the next few sentences.

Why should I not play this?
            - The gameplay is stupid
            - The controls are messed up and unresponsive at times
            - The game is buggy
            - Graphics aint that good.

Why should I play this?
            - The story is impressive
            - Split into episodes, the game gives a feeling of a series
            - It certainly thrills us with lot of Dinosaur chasing and close shaves
            - Dinosaur/ Jurassic Park lovers - It's frigging awesome!

Now said that, you might have got a good idea on how the game turns out to be. For a hardcore gamer(FPS/Strategy, Shooter, or whatever), this game could be a nightmare. But for a person who loves Jurassic Park, and/or needs some entertainment(without fiddling too much on the keyboard), this is a top notch game.

 Getting back to the details, the latest installment of the series Jurassic Park, was launched late in 2011. For some reason, I never bothered to give it a shot. But being jobless made me give it a try, not for the fun of gaming, just for entertainment(always loved those movies!) So the beginning of the game itself caught my attention, the controls were crappy, but the atmosphere it created was pretty awesome. Just think of this game like a movie series, which we have to tweak to go further. Not much of a game, with only functional keys - W,S,A,D and the mouse of course.

 What makes the game all the more interesting is the story line. It kicks of at the part where the Dinosaurs go rogue in Jurassic Park(The movie, Part 1). In fact, the story strongly connects to the part where Nerdy, steals a few Dino Embryos, to go against InGen(the firm that created Jurassic Park). Nerdy? Who's Nerdy? Take a look at video, and you'll get the memories back!

So kicking of from there, the game then evolves around a Mr. Gerry Harding, a vet, and her daughter who has come to the island to spend some time with Daddy. The Dinosaurs go rogue with the power failure at Jurassic park, and then the fun begins. With mammoth creatures fighting to the clever Velociraptors, every little detail and location would thrill you(if you are a Jurassic Park fan, that is). Now to get you a bit more excited, take a look at the trailer.

That's pretty much about the game-play and story. My say on the game - Awesome!(again)! A must play game for all(not geeky gamers, casual ones).
  To take a note on the graphics, its not so hi-fi, but still decent. You won't be able to notice such minute details when the fun overcomes you. And the music and sound effects - with the original Jurassic Park Score - Fantastic! Puts you right into the Dino Preserve! Finally I would like to put a note on how it worked on my laptop the HP Pavilion dv6000 with specs
    •            - Intel Core 2 Duo T5750 @2.00 GHz
    •            - 3.00 GB Ram
    •            -Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard(64 Bit) edition
    •            - NVIDIA Gefore 8400M GS - 1518 MB(256 Dedicated)
    •            - 150 GB Hard Disk
The game moves pretty smooth at high settings(and a resolution of 1024x768). Go ahead, give a shot!

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