How has technology influenced our way of thinking?

 Technology has changed the definition of life over the years. Life was taking a stroll in a park, a weekend game, office - with a lot of paperwork, and a loving wife - Once. Now its taking a stroll - in Facebook, a weekday game - on your favorite console, office - where you stare into a computer all day long, and a loving wife? I should say that's something that has been there forever. Looking forward to Valentine's day, I would like to dedicate this pic to all Software Engineer's out there - People need to know we are not just Computers!
Pointers - An Intro

  Wondering what that pic means? Well, I'm sure that Computer Engineer's out there would have understood its meaning. To the rest, I've pointed out the different locations in Brain to some relevant topics, back in 1990's and 2012. I've portrayed the concept of Pointers comically over here. Pointers(in computer language) are references to something. They don't hold the actual thing, rather point to the actual thing. That's what is happening in our life right now. Wondering how? Let me quote an example.

 When you misplace your mobile phone, and can't find it - what do you do? Ring it from another phone right? We'll, this Pointer concept is almost similar. Rather than remembering where you have kept the phone, you know a way to find it without much fuss, right? Phew, how many times have I wished if I could buzz the missing item! For example, when I can't find a book, I wish if there was some means to buzz it up(like ringing up a phone)! This is how technology changes the way we think, and yes, it does happen in everyone's life, just take a look around and if you find something interesting, leave a comment.!
 The next thing I would like to write here is a life changing concept - Search, or to be more concise, Google. You no longer dig in a dictionary for a meaning, no longer refer books to get a fact, no longer do things the hard way - why? Coz you have Google to help you out! It's scientifically proven that internet makes human being's lazy, doh! No big fact. You want to do a project? Just Google it up. You want to translate languages? Google. It does everything!


 Next on the list comes Exploring. Remember how lovely it was to go on a journey without knowing places? You had to find your way through, ask people around, and take the wrong turn more than once to enjoy the ride. But now? Google Maps! Tada! And its the end. All you have to do is go, do the sight seeing, and come back. You never make a wrong turn, you never talk to people - just go and come.


 Now let me get to Gaming. 10 years back, Gaming -- > physical. Which included soccer, cricket, running through, hide and seek - you name it. You had to sweat to enjoy the game. Now? You finger sweat, not your body. Your eyes run all over, not you. Its virtual, everything has gone virtual, where you can shoot, kill, drive, crash, and die more than once! Sigh, wish I had a Retry option for life. Kids no more get out to the streets, they take their portable console along with them, and don't even notice its snowing out.


 Ah! Theatres used to be fun, going in with friends, having some popcorn, shouting out on the unbearable, shaking a leg for the music. It's still there, but in front of a computer. You don't have to pay to watch a movie, do you? I don't, I'm too lazy for that atleast. Why am I talking about Theatres only? Social Networking had a totally different perspective a decade ago. It meant meeting people around you, talking, and behaving good. But now? Its about meeting people - Yes, but people who are oceans away, being good? Nah. Kids tend to spend their time, making up a virtual identity, to quench their thirst of love, care and attention. And the result? Keyboards talk, not tongue anymore.
 Popularity. How do you bring about that? A decade ago, it was when you sing, dance, play, or fight. But now? Its all about Viral Marketing. Make a song like Kolaveri, and boom - you are a Superstar!  No more writing books either - all you have to do is type it down, and upload it on your site.


 Last, but not the least, it has changed the way people Date. To show a perfect transition(or even the effect of  Facebook), watch the movies Salt and Pepper(Malayalam, India), and Mujhse Fraandship Karoge(Hindi, India). You'll understand how Facebook has changed the style of living. Internet has become a Dating hub now, from anonymous dating(which tends to be very popular), to serious ones, everything, every variety exists in this non-existent world.

Do share if you have any interesting ones!

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