The Darkness II -- PC

 Came around this game recently, thought would give a shot. Never heard about the first part, but read through that it was a pretty decent game. So with no knowledge of the past, I started on The Darkness II. The game is presented decently. With Jackie Estacado playing the lead role, he pops up between levels to give a talk on what's happening with him. And this part looks really cool.

 Getting into the game, its not such a great game. But a nice one, I should say. The game is primarily a First Person Shooter, with added help from the Darkness. Its like you have guns to fire, and demonic hands to cut through(which only works in Darkness though). There are quite a variety of guns(the details are not much relevant), and surprisingly, "Hell" version of the guns as well. "Hell" version in the sense, the creature of Hell use a kind of gun in there, with funny names. You can use the environment well enough to shield or throw things at enemies with the help of the extra pair of hands.

Jurassic Park - The Game

 Well well well, what do we have here? A game of the legendary movie series Jurassic Park? Ah! Movies turned out to game never kicks off. So how about this? Before you try the game, read the next few sentences.

Why should I not play this?
            - The gameplay is stupid
            - The controls are messed up and unresponsive at times
            - The game is buggy
            - Graphics aint that good.

Why should I play this?
            - The story is impressive
            - Split into episodes, the game gives a feeling of a series
            - It certainly thrills us with lot of Dinosaur chasing and close shaves
            - Dinosaur/ Jurassic Park lovers - It's frigging awesome!

Now said that, you might have got a good idea on how the game turns out to be. For a hardcore gamer(FPS/Strategy, Shooter, or whatever), this game could be a nightmare. But for a person who loves Jurassic Park, and/or needs some entertainment(without fiddling too much on the keyboard), this is a top notch game.

 Getting back to the details, the latest installment of the series Jurassic Park, was launched late in 2011. For some reason, I never bothered to give it a shot. But being jobless made me give it a try, not for the fun of gaming, just for entertainment(always loved those movies!) So the beginning of the game itself caught my attention, the controls were crappy, but the atmosphere it created was pretty awesome. Just think of this game like a movie series, which we have to tweak to go further. Not much of a game, with only functional keys - W,S,A,D and the mouse of course.

How has technology influenced our way of thinking?

 Technology has changed the definition of life over the years. Life was taking a stroll in a park, a weekend game, office - with a lot of paperwork, and a loving wife - Once. Now its taking a stroll - in Facebook, a weekday game - on your favorite console, office - where you stare into a computer all day long, and a loving wife? I should say that's something that has been there forever. Looking forward to Valentine's day, I would like to dedicate this pic to all Software Engineer's out there - People need to know we are not just Computers!
Pointers - An Intro

  Wondering what that pic means? Well, I'm sure that Computer Engineer's out there would have understood its meaning. To the rest, I've pointed out the different locations in Brain to some relevant topics, back in 1990's and 2012. I've portrayed the concept of Pointers comically over here. Pointers(in computer language) are references to something. They don't hold the actual thing, rather point to the actual thing. That's what is happening in our life right now. Wondering how? Let me quote an example.