Windows 7 wont Boot? Its easy to repair!

 Playing around with Operating Systems would be common nowadays. But there was a time when people used to run to service centers to get their operating system repaired/installed. The process has become really easy now, easy enough for any amateur to get it done smoothly. I've tried a lot of combinations, starting from Windows 98, ME, then Windows XP and Vista of course. My latest adventure was on Windows 7.
 I had a multi-boot on my Laptop, with Windows Vista and Windows 7. With Vista getting useless, I decided to remove it. I removed it pretty easily from Windows 7, but then I could not remove the boot information(in other words, I always had to make the initial choice of OS). So playing around, I deleted a file, which I was not supposed to! And bang! My system would not switch on from then. I did not have the Windows 7 CD with me either(with which you can recover), and neither did I want to format the whole system to repair it. So I began exploring for an alternative solution, and I got the perfect one too.

 The solution is a Windows Recovery Disc, which you can easily download(from torrentz, if you want it free though ;)). Its only 165 mb in size, which makes downloading not an issue. For Windows 7(64-bit), here is the link Windows 7 Recovery Disc 64-Bit (x64) Edition for the torrent. To make this work, all you have to do is burn the ISO image onto a disc using any conventional CD burning softwares(Eg :- Nero) and switch on your laptop with the disc in! Ouch, here came a twist for me, my DVD drive won't work! So can I boot it up using a USB drive? Yes you can, but you can do it by just copying the content. Here is a way through.
  Download Ultra ISO, you can find it here - Ultra ISO. After installing the trial version, follow these steps

                   - Plug in your pen drive.
                   - Open UltraISO
                   - Open the CD/DVD image file you want to write to pendrive in this instance of UltraISO (File>Open).
                   - Under the Bootable menu, select Write Disk Image.
                   - A new dialog should open up, listing your pen drive(s).
                   - Select the pendrive you want to write your image to.
                   - Set the Write Method to USB-HDD (or USB-HDD+ if your BIOS supports it).
                   - Click the Write button, and then click Yes/OK in the warning dialog (All data on this drive will be destroyed) that pops up.
                   - That's it !
Now you can boot up your system using the pen drive(hit the Function key which gives the Menu for selection of Boot disk), and there you go! You're system would be repaired by itself, without any damage to the data, or configuration setting. Enjoy!

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