My life with TCS - a Walkthrough

 TCS had a huge influence on my career, or I should say it made the base for my career. Eventhough I did not have much time around, I enjoyed my time at TCS. TCS let me create an awesome Facebook Community - TCS ILP 2011, which has helped thousand of aspiring freshers. I should thank the TCS community for making my blog a success as well, or in fact, TCS was the inspiration to create this blog.
 December 12 and 13, 2010 - the days TCS came into our campus for recruitment. TCS had a policy back then(even now) - We come to your campus to Recruit you, not to reject you. And they keep their word on that. My first post which caught attention on this blog was this -TCS Recruitment -- Sample Questions, this post helped many of my friends, and many other students to ensure an offer letter from TCS. And this was my inspiration to write more.
 I started sharing Tech related stories, until I got my Joining Letter from TCS in April, 2011(last week). I got access to the TCS portal for freshers - Aspire. Aspire aimed at orienting the freshers to a new world. The assignments they provided were my next point of focus. A few of them were -
               - TCS Pre-ILP Unix Assignment
               - TCS Pre-ILP Assignments[Basics of Programming]
               - TCS Pre-ILP Assignments- June 1[Communication]
               - TCS Pre-ILP Assignments - Online Shopping Portal[Case Study]
               - TCS Pre-ILP Assignments - Database Concepts

 I could only complete these assignments, by then my joining was approaching. So then there was the huge work of Documentation. TCS documentation is a bit hectic and confusing, so my next post was on it - TCS Recruitment Procedure, Surety Verification and Service Agreement.
 Then began my awesome days at ILP. You can read it through here -
               - Day prior to Joining @TCS
               - First Day @TCS home
               - Second Day @TCS
               - First week @TCS
               - First three weeks @TCS, a Fresher Experience
               - Testimonials from TCS - ILP Freshers
               - First phase of TCS ILP(New curriculum)
               - Second phase of TCS ILP(New curriculum)
               - Last day at TCS ILP
Phew, a memorable last day it was. After ILP, it did not go very well for me at TCS. You can read about it here - TCS ILP - a makeup that thrills freshers?. And then, this happened.
               - A Tribute to TCS - I Quit, Part 1
               - A Tribute to TCS - I Quit, Part 2
All this are my personal experience at TCS that went through in 2010-2011. Its bound to be changed now, but this would be a basic walk-through for a fresher looking forward at a career(except the last few posts!). All the best Aspirers - keep dreaming high.

I've added a FAQ as well, which did not work out very well. Nevertheless here is the link - FAQ: TCS ILP Freshers

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