The title I put up is not a mistake, it is indeed one of the most popular words used in SMS/Chat now. I had written about the basics to keep up in an Online chat previously(read it here - Few points to build up your Virtual Personality). Yes, it's right that the text limitations put up in SMS would force you to put up messages like k, but is it worth it?
 Consider a situation wherein a person is trying to fix a meeting/appointment. This would be their conversation.
Person 1  -  Can I have an appointment tomorrow at 9am?
Person 2  -  k
 Person 2 might be saying Ok wholeheartedly, but what would be going on in Person 1's mind? He would be confused on what the response was. Whether it was Arrogant? Attitude? Ignorant? And its human nature to think all these before thinking He might be busy.
 I've read recently a status of Facebook which says - k, A conversation killer. It's true, atleast for most of them. People tend to use Shortcuts, reasons vary. It might be because they are Busy, Not Interested, Arrogant, or just because he/she wants to be cool. Yes, people follow a certain slang in Online chats, which gives them a feeling that its cool. Well, time will make you realize that its so uncool.! I once thought the same too, and used Short words often. But soon I realized the best way to keep an impression is to use pure English. Trust me guys, it works.
 Now its my request to people who haven't noticed the effects of k, adding a letter would make no harm! Ok/Okie/Okies/Ok... everything sounds so much better than just k!.
Share your thoughts please!

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