My life with TCS - a Walkthrough

 TCS had a huge influence on my career, or I should say it made the base for my career. Eventhough I did not have much time around, I enjoyed my time at TCS. TCS let me create an awesome Facebook Community - TCS ILP 2011, which has helped thousand of aspiring freshers. I should thank the TCS community for making my blog a success as well, or in fact, TCS was the inspiration to create this blog.
 December 12 and 13, 2010 - the days TCS came into our campus for recruitment. TCS had a policy back then(even now) - We come to your campus to Recruit you, not to reject you. And they keep their word on that. My first post which caught attention on this blog was this -TCS Recruitment -- Sample Questions, this post helped many of my friends, and many other students to ensure an offer letter from TCS. And this was my inspiration to write more.
 I started sharing Tech related stories, until I got my Joining Letter from TCS in April, 2011(last week). I got access to the TCS portal for freshers - Aspire. Aspire aimed at orienting the freshers to a new world. The assignments they provided were my next point of focus. A few of them were -
               - TCS Pre-ILP Unix Assignment
               - TCS Pre-ILP Assignments[Basics of Programming]
               - TCS Pre-ILP Assignments- June 1[Communication]
               - TCS Pre-ILP Assignments - Online Shopping Portal[Case Study]
               - TCS Pre-ILP Assignments - Database Concepts


 The title I put up is not a mistake, it is indeed one of the most popular words used in SMS/Chat now. I had written about the basics to keep up in an Online chat previously(read it here - Few points to build up your Virtual Personality). Yes, it's right that the text limitations put up in SMS would force you to put up messages like k, but is it worth it?
 Consider a situation wherein a person is trying to fix a meeting/appointment. This would be their conversation.
Person 1  -  Can I have an appointment tomorrow at 9am?
Person 2  -  k
 Person 2 might be saying Ok wholeheartedly, but what would be going on in Person 1's mind? He would be confused on what the response was. Whether it was Arrogant? Attitude? Ignorant? And its human nature to think all these before thinking He might be busy.

Windows 7 wont Boot? Its easy to repair!

 Playing around with Operating Systems would be common nowadays. But there was a time when people used to run to service centers to get their operating system repaired/installed. The process has become really easy now, easy enough for any amateur to get it done smoothly. I've tried a lot of combinations, starting from Windows 98, ME, then Windows XP and Vista of course. My latest adventure was on Windows 7.
 I had a multi-boot on my Laptop, with Windows Vista and Windows 7. With Vista getting useless, I decided to remove it. I removed it pretty easily from Windows 7, but then I could not remove the boot information(in other words, I always had to make the initial choice of OS). So playing around, I deleted a file, which I was not supposed to! And bang! My system would not switch on from then. I did not have the Windows 7 CD with me either(with which you can recover), and neither did I want to format the whole system to repair it. So I began exploring for an alternative solution, and I got the perfect one too.

Auto-rickshaw tariffs - Based on what?

 I've not been blogging on lately, maybe I'm saturated with this world. But this does not stop me from thinking, and this thought sprung the blogger in me. I've been travelling quite a lot in the past 6 months, and the one thing that effected me the most was Travel expenses. The variations are huge, along with the attitude. Seriously guys, these Auto-rickshaw guys put the first impression of a city on us, right?
 This article is not a detailed analysis on how tariffs vary with region, but just a note on how my experience at different places were. To begin with, let me check the tariffs of my hometown - Kanhangad(Kasargod, Kerala). To travel from my home to railway station, it costs close to Rs.35(I'm not sure how much it is now, haven't been there for a while). This tariff is for a distance of 4-5 kms. There was a time when I thought this amount was huge, but no more. In fact there were easier ways to get to the town, you could always get "return autos" at a mere tariff of Rs.5 to travel the same distance. I guess the rates are almost same at the areas around there as well.