Sorry Shaktimaan, ten years ago a Mantra, now a Joke

When I was back in 8th std, I always used to prepare myself for the mega event every Sunday at 12pm. Yes, it was Shaktimaan time. From the initial ringing bell, to Sorry Shaktimaan, everything would still be in every mind. It was the trend back then, the first super hero of India. The action, comedy, horror, values, etc. shared in the serial really had an effect on the kids back then. There had been unfortunate incidents wherein kids jumped off from buildings with a hope that Shaktimaan would save them. This proved the influence he had on kids. He has a wikipedia entry too! Read it here - Shaktimaan
 Such incidents provoked the makers of Shaktimaan to add a value based session. And thus Sorry Shaktimaan happened. At the end of every episode, Shaktimaan would teach the kids not to do something, and tell them the reason. Tehero(Stop), was another highlight. Kids used to trust him, and take up the values shared in those episodes. Yes, he was a hero... but is he anymore?

 My friend at college - Binoy used to say this comment always. Whenever I(or we) do something to him, he says comically Sorry Shaktimaan. It turned out to be pretty funny, ha! It actually even looks funny now. To the scenes where Shaktiman shoots a bullet and catches it himself, to burning humans into skeletons - all look funny now. Take a loot and the end Credits of the serial - brings back lots of memories.

I've been cut off with such things lately, I wonder who the superhero now is. Ben 10? Yeah, I hear that a lot. But I bet there would'n be a super hero which would share values? Or is there? Share a comment if you know something!

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