Social Networking, now its Microsoft's turn?

First it was Orkut, then Facebook, then Google plus. Is Microsoft having thoughts to get into this mess now? Well, Microsoft is almost a part of Facebook and you can see it with Facebook closely related to Bing. Recently, Facebook has also been using Bing's translation mechanism to translate Facebook comments.
I remember around 5 years ago, our school had a craze for a site called I do not know if this site exists now, but back then, it was fun for us. With Orkut reigning the Social network(back then), this site was a change from the normal process. The theme of the site was Education, though. The site was meant to create a social network within the school, and share, learn and enjoy. School authorities had a control on whatever we did in there.
Now why am I mentioning it? Microsoft is coming up with a similar service as well. Called as Social), this site has the aim of combining web browsing, search, and social networking for the purposes of learning. As for now, this service is available only to certain universities, however, you can request access for you Universit/School as well! You can find a detailed FAQ out here - Faq.

Microsoft claims that this is not a competitor for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or any other Social Network. The fact that the site uses Facebook login strengthens this fact. But however, this could be the beginning of something huge? Lets wait and see. Take a look at the intro video of

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