My first cheque, for doing what I love

 October 24, 2009 - After having a disappointing year in the Virtual World(with Lockerz owing a huge percentage), I thought to enter a whole new world of blogging. In the beginning, it never seemed so interesting, neither did I know there would be much to it. Nevertheless, I put forth my first post : My first post(which was actually an article I wrote for R3B00T, thanks to Gibu). But it never took my interest, it was just another installment for my online activities.
  But then came the Campus Recruitment Season, I, being a Placement Cell member, tried to share whatever info I had. And thanks to Shammi, and his Orkut community, the posts related to TCS and recruitment started gaining attention. In fact, I came to know that my blog started catching up in other colleges as well. Thanks to Akshita, and all other friends who spread the word. That was the beginning. The beginning when I realized the fact that I love having attention, and it comes by when you do something for others. There was no looking back then. Facebook, along with thousands of my friends on the network, helped me keep upto date with Technology(mainly) and other relevant concerns. Special thanks to Engadget and Mashable too.

  I shared whatever I felt worth sharing, and it started getting more views everyday. Facebook was my favorite focus, and it worked well in lot of ways. Virteacon) started climbing up the ladder, in Alexa, Pagerank, Indiblogger and every other platform. In the meantime, there was constant change in the looks of the site. I kept experimenting with the widgets and style, thanks to w3schools.
  On November 24, 2011, with a new look, and a new name finally - Virteacon launched. And since then, I've been trying to build it up, with a Facebook Fan page(do like it!), and Twitter profile. But time has been limiting the growth of Virteacon. However, today, I earned myself a Cheque for doing all this(and for my Youtube channel too). This is a huge morale booster, and I am certainly taking this only as the First Step to blogging. Hoping Virteacon will keep you coming back, I thank each and everyone of 262,476 views my blog has got so far.

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