Mullaperiyar Dam, how it effects common man

This article is written by me(Vinesh Balan), a Keralite living in the district Ernakulam, which is also threatened to be flooded if the disaster happens. This article might be biased to the thoughts of Keralites, so if you disagree, leave a comment sharing your thoughts.
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  Previously I had written on how Mullaperiyar Dam, how it effects common man's thoughts. Here I would like to share an even more specific article - on how it effects common man. Now what question is that? Hasn't it been a burning issue for millions of lives? Ain't that supposed to effect common man? Yes, that would definitely effect common man, but then, the immediate effect makes things worse.
 To give a direct inference to the situation, last week one of my friends at Bangalore texted me this - All buses from Bangalore to Kerala via Tamil Nadu has been cancelled. I have no idea how I would get home for holidays. Now this was a point when it directly effected us. A dozen check-posts at Kerala-TN border has been closed by different political parties and local(of Tamil Nadu, as reports say). And as the result? Is this what we(Keralites) wanted?
 The Mullaperiyar Dam is getting old, and yes the movie Dam 999 has spilled anxiety in every Keralite. The issue escalated, Social networking added fuel to it. Kerala and Tamil Nadu are two states with a very cordial relationship. In fact, lots of them has friends in and out, and its sad to see people, who were once family, fight over such an issue. It is said that The next world war would be for Water, and if there is any truth in it, it has begun.

 Kerala depends Tamil Nadu for 70% of its resources, which include livestock, vegetables, poultry etc. All these have been rotting at the Kerala - Tamil Nadu border for weeks. Kerala not getting these resources makes Christmas less lavish, and the farmers at Tamil Nadu are suffering too(but they are adamant on not selling goods to Kerala). See, Politicians have rolled their dirty game, and we are suffering it - will they look back? Will the clean up the mess? Chances are less, lets hope something happens though.
 And every Keralite would be thinking - if Tamil Nadu blocks resources to our state, why give them water? Hope such a situation does not escalate to it. Recently, to express the unity of Keralites and Tamilians, Flash Mob organised a show at Oberon. take a look at it.

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