Dam 999, and the Mullaperiyar Dam issue

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 Got a chance to watch the controversial Dam 999 movie today. All this time I was wondering on why the movie was banned in Tamil Nadu, and why Tamil Nadu is forcing the Supreme Court to ban the movie in India. Now I guess I do have an idea, but I'm still sticking to the fact that - its just another movie.
 The movie as expected, revolves around the issue of Mullaperiyar. And contrary to the rumors that Dam 999 rigged the protests in Kerala, I opine differently. The movie has a romantic setup, with the Dam issue not much focused  It sticks around the love of a couple, who were separated by fate. Kerala's culture, beliefs and customs have been beautifully portrayed in the movie. And I should say the Dirty politics have been well crafted too!

 And one point I have not heard before was the focus of the movie. The movie was rumored to focus on the destruction of Mullaperiyar, rather in the movie - its the destruction of the new dam built to support Mullaperiyar dam. In the movie, corrupt politicians and contractors build a weaker support dam(which might be the truth in reality too), which fails to withhold the diabolic water flow into the dam. This might put up a hint to all those protesting for a new dam too - on how risky the business can be.
 Talking about the movie, the whole thing is put pretty decent. Considering it as a Mallu made Hollywood film, I should say its a huge step forward. The graphics is pretty ok considering our expertise in this field. The acting is not all that impressive, especially the lead character(hero). The movie nevertheless quenches the thirst of Keralites, who need an insight on the current Mullaperiyar issue - by any means possible. Towards the end, the view of Kochi flooding, along with shattering buildings, definitely creates a sense of panic among the viewers.
 Before watching the movie, I thought the issue would be portrayed in a general sense, i.e., as it was not the current Mullaperiyar issue. But though the terms, Kerala, Tamil Nadu or Mullaperiyar has not been explicitly mentioned, all the situations and visuals definitely point towards fact, than fiction. The movie definitely plays with the emotions of Keralites, and even Tamilians. Hope the right step is taken over the issue, rather waiting for a disaster to happen.

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