Batman Arkham City - PC

 Ah! Another sweet game! It's been a while since I involved myself to blogging and gaming. But this game is too good to be ignored(as always). The first installation of the series - Batman Arkham Asylum, was an instant hit(atleast for me). With "top of the shoulder" view being a win-win, and a particularly unique combat system, made me enjoy the game all over.
 This game has a new attraction to it - Catwoman. You get to play as Catwoman at some sequences of the story, wherein you go to rescue Batman, or do her normal job. But after you complete the game, you get to play as Batman and Catwoman to explore the Arkham City to complete Riddles and lots of sub plots. The main story involves with the commencement of Protocol 10, apparently a mysterious plan to take over Gotham City. Batman is not sure who is behind this plan, and as the game continues, the story unveils quite a lot. It involves surprise and suspense, making the game all the more enjoyable.

  To take a note on the plot, the game takes place at Arkham City - to those who have played Arkham Asylum - its five times bigger than Arkham Asylum! With lots of sub missions, and huge area for exploration, reaching from one point to another itself is quite a fun(Especially with Catwoman, with all her weird moves). The gameplay is almost same as to its previous installation, with stealth, surprise attacks, strategy - everything counts, and you can do it the way you wish to. I miss Scarecrow in this edition though. He made Arkham Asylum mystique, I should say. The game is not really difficult as compared to Arkham Asylum either, not many huge monsters, but the thugs can get irritating(especially the snipers).
  This game, again has a huge villain list - Two Face, Penguin, Hugo Strange, Clayface, Mr. Freeze, Ra's al Ghul, Poison Ivy and of course Joker. It involves even more characters if you involve yourself into the sub plots scattered all over Arkham City. The game, however, as its previous installation, has a lot of bugs. The game gets stuck in between(with a black screen), or thugs don't respond at times, and many such issues. The only thing you can do is restart the level and try again, hopefully it will be solved. But if you go through different forums, you can note that there are many bugs which could not be solved yet. Luckily, eventhough I had to replay a couple of times, I never got any fatal bugs.
  Just to get you a feel, check out this video.

  My say on the game - awesome! A must play game for all gamers out there - but be a bit patient too, lots of bugs in there to spoil the mood.
  Overall, the graphics and sound effects have been awesome(as always). Finally I would like to put a note on how it worked on my laptop the HP Pavilion dv6000 with specs

    • - Intel Core 2 Duo T5750 @2.00 GHz
    • - 3.00 GB Ram
    • -Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard(64 Bit) edition
    • - NVIDIA Gefore 8400M GS - 1518 MB(256 Dedicated)
    • - 150 GB Hard Disk
The game was playable in the rig(Yeah Surprise!). At minimum resolution and graphic settings, the game works pretty decent. But the videos in between get laggy and spoils a bit of fun. Definitely playable, but if you want to admire the engine at full swing, then you might be a bit disappointed.

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