Barking dogs seldom bite, not always true. A message to Kapil Sibal

One among the popular comic pics
  Kapil Sibal, Indian Telecom Minister, has been all over news(and blogosphere) for the past week. The reason? I don't think anyone reading this would be unaware of it. He(along with Indian Govt.) wants to pre-screen content put into Facebook, Google and Yahoo!. In short, the Indian Govt. wants content to be approved before going to the public. This has caused widespread disturbance on all sorts of Indian internet users. Tweets, Facebook messages, and even new comic sites have sprung into action on this cause.
  People question their right to freedom of expression. And in a way, its totally right. But, I totally agree with the approach of Indian Govt. in certain circumstances. For example, the pics that spread in Facebook which severely damaged religious sentiments. Those should be definitely removed, no excuses. I think the way Kapil Sibal pointed out these situations went totally wrong, or I should say the approach of Indian Govt. on this issue, was totally wrong.

  Kapil Sibal, mentioned that objectionable content should be removed from Internet. I agree, but the debate rose over the definition of objectionable content. And the example Kapil mentioned was the pictures that tried to defame an Indian politician, Sonia Gandhi. That's where things went wrong. And if he thought this was a good move, it turned out to be terrible.
  Last year, Sony Entertainment tried to get rid of hackers by enthralling into their private accounts. Read more about the story here - Sony threatened by Anonymous. And the result? The birth of Hacker group - Anonymous, Sony PSN being hacked again and again, Sony financial status going down like never before. Same has happened here, we say in Kerala Puliyude vayil kai iduka. Or to put your hands in a lion's mouth. That's what Kapil Sibal unknowingly did, and its result has come up. Sonia Gandhi's profile in the official site of Congress was hacked very bad. I do not know much details about the content as the site was brought down immediately, but here is an small snippet I found on Facebook
It looks like the work of the same team, which hacked BSNL's site a few weeks ago(not the recent one, and yeah, that happens often). The same team - KhantastiC haX0r . You can read more about it here - BSNL site hacked by Pakistani Hacker "KhantastiC haX0r"

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