Sorry Shaktimaan, ten years ago a Mantra, now a Joke

When I was back in 8th std, I always used to prepare myself for the mega event every Sunday at 12pm. Yes, it was Shaktimaan time. From the initial ringing bell, to Sorry Shaktimaan, everything would still be in every mind. It was the trend back then, the first super hero of India. The action, comedy, horror, values, etc. shared in the serial really had an effect on the kids back then. There had been unfortunate incidents wherein kids jumped off from buildings with a hope that Shaktimaan would save them. This proved the influence he had on kids. He has a wikipedia entry too! Read it here - Shaktimaan
 Such incidents provoked the makers of Shaktimaan to add a value based session. And thus Sorry Shaktimaan happened. At the end of every episode, Shaktimaan would teach the kids not to do something, and tell them the reason. Tehero(Stop), was another highlight. Kids used to trust him, and take up the values shared in those episodes. Yes, he was a hero... but is he anymore?

Mullaperiyar Dam, how it effects common man

This article is written by me(Vinesh Balan), a Keralite living in the district Ernakulam, which is also threatened to be flooded if the disaster happens. This article might be biased to the thoughts of Keralites, so if you disagree, leave a comment sharing your thoughts.
Read my review on Dam 999 here - Dam 999, and the Mullaperiyar Dam issue

  Previously I had written on how Mullaperiyar Dam, how it effects common man's thoughts. Here I would like to share an even more specific article - on how it effects common man. Now what question is that? Hasn't it been a burning issue for millions of lives? Ain't that supposed to effect common man? Yes, that would definitely effect common man, but then, the immediate effect makes things worse.
 To give a direct inference to the situation, last week one of my friends at Bangalore texted me this - All buses from Bangalore to Kerala via Tamil Nadu has been cancelled. I have no idea how I would get home for holidays. Now this was a point when it directly effected us. A dozen check-posts at Kerala-TN border has been closed by different political parties and local(of Tamil Nadu, as reports say). And as the result? Is this what we(Keralites) wanted?
 The Mullaperiyar Dam is getting old, and yes the movie Dam 999 has spilled anxiety in every Keralite. The issue escalated, Social networking added fuel to it. Kerala and Tamil Nadu are two states with a very cordial relationship. In fact, lots of them has friends in and out, and its sad to see people, who were once family, fight over such an issue. It is said that The next world war would be for Water, and if there is any truth in it, it has begun.

Social Networking, now its Microsoft's turn?

First it was Orkut, then Facebook, then Google plus. Is Microsoft having thoughts to get into this mess now? Well, Microsoft is almost a part of Facebook and you can see it with Facebook closely related to Bing. Recently, Facebook has also been using Bing's translation mechanism to translate Facebook comments.
I remember around 5 years ago, our school had a craze for a site called I do not know if this site exists now, but back then, it was fun for us. With Orkut reigning the Social network(back then), this site was a change from the normal process. The theme of the site was Education, though. The site was meant to create a social network within the school, and share, learn and enjoy. School authorities had a control on whatever we did in there.
Now why am I mentioning it? Microsoft is coming up with a similar service as well. Called as Social), this site has the aim of combining web browsing, search, and social networking for the purposes of learning. As for now, this service is available only to certain universities, however, you can request access for you Universit/School as well! You can find a detailed FAQ out here - Faq.

Batman Arkham City - PC

 Ah! Another sweet game! It's been a while since I involved myself to blogging and gaming. But this game is too good to be ignored(as always). The first installation of the series - Batman Arkham Asylum, was an instant hit(atleast for me). With "top of the shoulder" view being a win-win, and a particularly unique combat system, made me enjoy the game all over.
 This game has a new attraction to it - Catwoman. You get to play as Catwoman at some sequences of the story, wherein you go to rescue Batman, or do her normal job. But after you complete the game, you get to play as Batman and Catwoman to explore the Arkham City to complete Riddles and lots of sub plots. The main story involves with the commencement of Protocol 10, apparently a mysterious plan to take over Gotham City. Batman is not sure who is behind this plan, and as the game continues, the story unveils quite a lot. It involves surprise and suspense, making the game all the more enjoyable.

Barking dogs seldom bite, not always true. A message to Kapil Sibal

One among the popular comic pics
  Kapil Sibal, Indian Telecom Minister, has been all over news(and blogosphere) for the past week. The reason? I don't think anyone reading this would be unaware of it. He(along with Indian Govt.) wants to pre-screen content put into Facebook, Google and Yahoo!. In short, the Indian Govt. wants content to be approved before going to the public. This has caused widespread disturbance on all sorts of Indian internet users. Tweets, Facebook messages, and even new comic sites have sprung into action on this cause.
  People question their right to freedom of expression. And in a way, its totally right. But, I totally agree with the approach of Indian Govt. in certain circumstances. For example, the pics that spread in Facebook which severely damaged religious sentiments. Those should be definitely removed, no excuses. I think the way Kapil Sibal pointed out these situations went totally wrong, or I should say the approach of Indian Govt. on this issue, was totally wrong.

My first cheque, for doing what I love

 October 24, 2009 - After having a disappointing year in the Virtual World(with Lockerz owing a huge percentage), I thought to enter a whole new world of blogging. In the beginning, it never seemed so interesting, neither did I know there would be much to it. Nevertheless, I put forth my first post : My first post(which was actually an article I wrote for R3B00T, thanks to Gibu). But it never took my interest, it was just another installment for my online activities.
  But then came the Campus Recruitment Season, I, being a Placement Cell member, tried to share whatever info I had. And thanks to Shammi, and his Orkut community, the posts related to TCS and recruitment started gaining attention. In fact, I came to know that my blog started catching up in other colleges as well. Thanks to Akshita, and all other friends who spread the word. That was the beginning. The beginning when I realized the fact that I love having attention, and it comes by when you do something for others. There was no looking back then. Facebook, along with thousands of my friends on the network, helped me keep upto date with Technology(mainly) and other relevant concerns. Special thanks to Engadget and Mashable too.

Dam 999, and the Mullaperiyar Dam issue

Do read my previous article on Mullaperiyar issue here - Mullaperiyar Dam, how it effects common man's thoughts
 Got a chance to watch the controversial Dam 999 movie today. All this time I was wondering on why the movie was banned in Tamil Nadu, and why Tamil Nadu is forcing the Supreme Court to ban the movie in India. Now I guess I do have an idea, but I'm still sticking to the fact that - its just another movie.
 The movie as expected, revolves around the issue of Mullaperiyar. And contrary to the rumors that Dam 999 rigged the protests in Kerala, I opine differently. The movie has a romantic setup, with the Dam issue not much focused  It sticks around the love of a couple, who were separated by fate. Kerala's culture, beliefs and customs have been beautifully portrayed in the movie. And I should say the Dirty politics have been well crafted too!

When Mumbaikars shake a leg at CST [Video]

 How would it be when a girl comes out of nowhere and starts dancing at a crowded public place? That's what happened at Mumbai CST station recently. I don't think I need to specify more details. Watch the video, and enjoy the spirit of Mumbaikars!
*Wishes something like this happens in my place too!*

Read more - CST Video goes Viral

Mullaperiyar Dam, how it effects common man's thoughts

This article is written by me(Vinesh Balan), a Keralite living in the district Ernakulam, which is also threatened to be flooded if the disaster happens. This article might be biased to the thoughts of Keralites, so if you disagree, leave a comment sharing your thoughts.
Read my review on Dam 999 here - Dam 999, and the Mullaperiyar Dam issue
Check out how the issue effects us directly - Mullaperiyar Dam, how it effects common man
"Where can I learn to swim?" that was a question that made a roar of laughter burst out. But what's so funny in it? The situation made it funny(ironic). We were having our lunch in the office, and the talk for the day was - What if Mullaperiyar dam breaks down. The responses were overwhelming, here are a few.
  - It'll take 2 hours to reach here(the water to reach Ernakulam Dist.), start the bike and scorch off to Kalady(which supposedly won't be flooded).
  - It would be fun! Everyone would be happy because all would be dying!
  - Get ready with Cycle tubes
  - Let it happen on weekends, atleast I will be at home 
 These are a very few. I would love to compile a whole section of Mullaperiyar Jokes in future. Well, my doubt it, if the situation is so threatening, why is common man taking it lightly?
 To all those wondering what the commotion is all about, Mullaperiyar dam, is a 116 year old dam, rumored to succumb any day due to its weak infrastructure. And if it happens, its rumored that the water flowing out the dam would engulf 4 districts of Kerala, and release a spurge of epidemics to the other mortals. You can read all about it here - Mullaperiyar Dam
  Now there is a row between the states Kerala and Tamil Nadu, which have been prevailing for more than 20 years(I guess). But never before had it been so intense. With the help of Facebook, Media, and ofcourse the movie Dam 999, the issue has escalated to immense height. Facebook, I should say had a major role in creating such a commotion(I don't know if I can term it as a commotion). However, this pic portraying Kerala before and after the disaster has spun the mindset of thousands of Keralites, and Indians into the issue. The main effect has been on the minds of the youth(who normally stay away from such issues being helpless). Facebook has given them a perfect platform to spread the news like a wildfire(whether its true or not). The same happened in many things being popular - whether its Kolaveri or the Santhosh Pandit effect