A Tribute to TCS - I Quit, Part 1

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 Joined my base branch Bangalore on September 12, 2011, and its been almost 60 days since I've reached here. There are no records of my existence in Bangalore TCS though! The 90 days gave me a lot of thoughts - what should I do? am I wasting myself? Can I do something?
So in quest to solve these, I went on in search of more opportunities. Have lot of cousins working around in the IT field, and referrals were quite easy to get. And I got one, in a company I never heard before - Kalkitech. I went through the interviews, both in Kochi and Bangalore, and bingo! I got an offer over there. The package and bond details held me back a bit. But one question pushed me into it - What have I got to lose?
Twenty days of intense conflicts with family and relatives, and ofcourse within burning head. And finally I decided - I Quit.
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