A Tribute to TCS - I Quit, Part 2

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This is a continuation of my post - A Tribute to TCS - I Quit, Part 1
Last Thursday, I made a brief post on the decision I made regarding TCS. I thought I would give more details once the whole procedure is over. Sadly, its not over yet. The documentation process you did during joining, should be reversed over here too.

So to those wondering how it is done, here you go.
  1. First you have to find the person to contact for Resignation. Login to your Ultimatix account(TCS Portal), go to HR Managemement - > Employee Self Service - > Workflow. You will get the name and email id of the person to contact for the same.
    Put in a mail to the person, and he will get back to you soon via phone and email to redirect you to the further procedures(Make sure you include your phone number in the mail).
  2. After getting the details of the new person, go and meet him/her. In my case, she asked me a few questions, like Why leaving? etc. Then would talk about the details of release. There are two important things to keep in mind before release
    • A month's prior notice, or else you will have to pay the basic pay of the rest of days. i.e., for example you want to leave the company on Nov 14, and you inform it at the beginning of the month(Nov 1). So the basic pay of Nov 14 to Nov 30 should be paid(Close to Rs.500 per day). This is not required if you make the notice one month in advance.
    • Service agreement(if you are in Bond period). This amount should be paid as a DD. Even if you have made a Fixed Deposit, that amount would be returned to you within two days.
  3. After this meeting, you will be asked to take an Exit Interview on you account in Ultimatix.
  4. Then you have to meet another person, who would give you certain forms to be filled(PF transfer/withdraw, Correspondence details etc.) 
That's it!
My Story
I completed the steps 1 and 2, but I did not know the amount should be paid as DD. So have to make that up. And then I never got the opportunity to make the Exit Interview, as I was already out of the system before that ! So as for now, I am released from TCS, but yet no Release letter.
I will be joining Kalkitech on Monday, looking forward to it.

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