Tablets with Wi-Fi in Bangalore Volvo Buses!

 Surprise! Boarded the bus today morning, and I seriously thought it was a dream! In front of every seat was an Android Tablet - an EAFT Magic Tile, with free Wi-Fi!
Its been only a few months since I've been to Bangalore, and Volvo buses are the main course of travel in the area of ITPL. Its comfortable travelling in those buses(compared to the local ones), but I never thought it would have these luxuries. With the launch of Metro service, free Wi-Fi services in Metros caught my attention, but I have never been there yet. But this feature, has certainly gone beyond expectations. Who would expect to have tablets in a public bus(that too in India) with free Wi-Fi services?

It had a pretty good system too, if you had too browse Internet, you had to give in your Mobile number and Email id. A verification code would come to your phone, which should be entered to prove your identity. Sadly, for some reason this did not work in my tablet :( I never got the verification code, so I was left beaming at the device. Had Sudoku working on it though!

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