SICK I Just Hate Rihanna After Watching This Video - Another Facebook Spam

 A facebook spam is firing up now, and it has something to do about Rihana. It looks like this.

The worse thing about this spam is, unlike other spams, this is spread over wider circle. If you check the above pic, its says 47 more posts. Normally such posts are only made on 5-10 friends, but in this case, it seems to go over 20.
The moment you see these on your wall, please report it as a spam. Its a big waste of time and energy spreading something so stupid. This link, although appears as a link to page, has a app integrated(which apparently is the Welcome page). This app does something that its not supposed to do. If you don't login to Facebook and click the link, it would look like this.
So the culprit is Share if you have an alternate solution, or extra information on this. And it seems there are certain other follow ups for this spam. I just found out this.
Careful guys and gals, be careful before you click anything on Facebook. And its not it, the spam is also spreading like this I have LOST All Respect For Miley Cyrus After Seeing This Video!

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