If Dhanush can do Kolaveri, why not Santhosh Pandit?

 Its been a month to a month I've been hearing about Santhosh Pandit(non-keralites, just Google his name. You can think of the mallu version of Justin Bieber or Rebecca Black). This sensation is going crazy all over news channels, Youtube, Facebook, theaters - name it. Apparently, lot of Fans Associations are also coming up(Wonder why!). Watched a couple of his interviews, but now really fed up of the gaga going over.
  However since a week, there is a new tone going all over India - Why this Kolaveri? - quoted as the National Anthem of teenagers by a newspaper report. What's so great in the song? A song with exposes the Tamil version of English? a.k.a Tanglish? I read somewhere that the lyrics was written by an 18year old teen. I have no offense on the song, or the creators - even I enjoy the music a lot(it never gets off my tongue), but I was wondering something, and let me jot it down the best way I can.

  There is a saying in Malayalam - നീ ചെയ്ത അഹ, ഞാന്‍ ചെയ്ത ഓഹോ ! It means that If you do the work, it becomes something great. But when I do the same - its Crap. Isn't the same thing happening over here? How would the people react if Santhosh Pandit had made the song Why this Kolaveri? or aren't his infamously popular songs of the same trend and feel? I should say there is a tremendous shift in the audience of Indian community. After watching all those HiFi Hollywood movies, I think  our brains have noted down not to expect anything of that volume in India. I believe that's what has happened with RA.One too. People for some reason are having a hard time to grasp the technical achievements done in the movie, and criticisms are flying all over! So what if I ask if SRK had done the movie Enthiran, would it be a hit? I doubt it. The same is happening over here too, when Santhosh Pandit, or any other personality does it - it becomes infamous. But when some celebrity does it, it become Kolaveri!
  And that's what people respond to. Anything funny, or stupid becomes an Instant hit. There are innumerable examples coming up. And I think its not only happening over India, the personalities I've mentioned before have followed the same rules of marketing(which they have been very successful too). But what tends to the creation of such things? I should say Social Networking + Money + Attention seeking. Right now, if you need to seek attention via Social networking sites, it should be funny or stupid. Money definitely follows. So does this mean people would less appreciate Serious artwork?  

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