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 Update The app works fine! The messages are getting delivered, and the UI is looking pretty sleek too! However, had message delivery issues for BSNL, or in other words, messages were never delivered to BSNL network. But other networks work fine! Tested for Tata Docomo, Vodafone and Airtel.

  Sabeer Bhatia, the founder of, has come up with another innovative app for Mobile phones(of all platform - Android, J2ME, Symbian, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7). JaxtrSMS is a mobile app available for various platforms, and provides certain intuitive features which would definitely be helpful specially in India(with the TRAI regulations around)
 JaxtrSMS, unlike any other SMS app, literally simulates the SMS services. Most apps providing such functionality requires the app to be installed on both sender and receiver phones. But this does not have such requirements. Install it on your phone, and send a message as if its being sent from your Phone number. The receiver would receive it in his Inbox(as any other SMS), or in JaxtrSMS(if its installed).

"15 years ago, we gave you, the world's first webmail service that freed up e-mail from the confines of the desktop and aided the creation of a global communications network which was completely open and free for users. Today, we present JaxtrSMS which does to SMS what Hotmail did for e-mail. Now, mobile users can leverage our free and open application to send messages to their contacts anywhere across the world without having to pay anything," said Bhatia.

"JaxtrSMS was completely developed in India. I am proud to showcase this as an example of Indian innovation and ingenuity," said Yogesh Patel, President & Co-Founder.

I could not exactly test this app on my E72, however, will soon post updates regarding it. Neverthless, this looks like a huge step in the world of mobile devices, where SMS, is specifically catching up as a communication media. And with GPRS and WiFi connections being common, connectivity won't be much of an issue either. Lets wait and see how these app develops, considering that it already has a user base in 197 countries - it should be the next big thing.

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