Chit Chat for Facebook

   Facebook is the most common social networking site used all over the world especially in America and Europe. Friends share their every single feeling with one another. Pictures, videos, status, comments and chat are the basic features of the Facebook. You can chat with your lot of friends at a time but the only problem in this chatting feature of the Facebook is that you will have to open the Facebook page on your browser to continue the chat. This continuous opening of the browser can be quite hectic. Luckily we have been blessed by the technology, and nothing is impossible when the computer technology is with you. To solve this problem of chatting, a brilliant software has been launched which is named as chit chat for Facebook.  This evolutionary Facebook software application has made Facebook chatting as simple as messenger chatting.

   Talking about the availability of the application, it is available on a lot of software downloading websites and the best thing is that this Facebook chat messenger is available for download without any cost. You need not to pay even a single cent in order to use the full version of the chit chat messenger. Another interesting feature of the application is that you do not have to check for the latest versions and updates of the messenger, the setup of the software will automatically detect the new versions and will be updated automatically. The procedure of downloading and installation of the Facebook chit chat is so easy and simple, that even a kid can install it successfully. Whenever you will start your PC it will automatically open in a window hence making it even easier to use. As I mentioned above, you will not need to open the browser, just fill in the email address and the password to log in and get the instant access to your friends.
   One of the interesting features of this instant messenger is that you cannot only chat with your friends but you can also write on the walls of your friends, without the need to open the browser for even once. Most of the messengers are boring in appearance, you have to use the customized settings and appearances but it is not the case with this chit chat messenger. It allows you to change everything starting from settings ending on appearance according to your own desire. The privacy of the application is also really well managed, you have the option to either save your chat history or you can turn off the saving option for the security purpose. Another option which is even better than Facebook is that you can choose the font and the color of the message you are sending. All the notifications you will receive, will be told to you by a sound alert. The sound alert makes sure that you do not miss even a single notification.
   Most of the messengers available in the software market have limited number of contacts that can be added but the chit chat for Facebook allows you to add unlimited friends, which is a blessing for people who are really social. The layouts of the instant messages are so easily understandable that everyone can master them in a single use. Most of the messengers have the layouts which are so complex that they are even unable to be read properly. So this feature makes the chit chat for Facebook even more helpful. You can also use certain emotions during your chat session which makes your chatting even more interesting than usual.
   If you follow your Facebook chatting through the browsers then a lot of time is wasted, as you will try to find more and more stuff on the search engines. But use of this chit chat for Facebook saves your time as you can quickly sign in to chit chat, give some time to chatting with your friends and then sign out to continue your daily routine.  Overall speaking it is the perfect software to be used for chatting with your Facebook buddy list. There is weakness in the application that it is not available for the mobiles phones. As most of the people are using mobiles for such instant messages, so lack of the mobile version of chit chat for Facebook makes it a little weak. Maybe it is just a start of the software so with the passage of time new additions, like the mobile version are added in the application to make it even more strong and attractive.  One other feature which I think, should be present in the application is the option to change the profile picture as it will make the Facebook add on chit chat  even more appreciable.

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