Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 PC Campaign

  Ah! Its been a while since I wrote anything about games, but this is one of those franchisees which I cannot miss. Call of Duty, have been playing since the 2 installation, i.e., Call of Duty 2. I played it first on my PS2, an instant hit I should say. The next entries kept the glam of the game, and the obvious Call of Duty 3 was a hit too.
  Then there was a whole new shift in the game series with the launch of Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare. This game gave importance to dramatic twists in the game, making it more like a movie shot. And what this game had started on, led to the huge success of Modern Warfare 2, and now Modern Warfare 3.
  The story line, is the essence of the whole game. The anxiety and tantrums Modern Warfare 2 let lose, flows imminently in Modern Warfare 3. The game picks up right from the point where Modern Warfare 2 ends. I'm not putting up any spoilers here. But if you have never played this series, pick up Modern Warfare, finish it off, then move to Modern Warfare 2, and then Modern Warfare 3. Its a must play game for any sort of gamers out there.

  As I said before, the story makes up for the huge popularity of the game. If you ask me about the Gameplay, I did not find it as fun as Modern Warfare or Modern Warfare 2. As all previous campaigns by Call of Duty, this game has a very short game time(Less than 5 hours I guess). It has the same old mixture of Boating, Sneaking, Sniping, Drama, and almost everything the previous games had. Nothing new I guess(Except for too many heroic deaths in the end)? Felt like most of the plots were made to make the whole set dramatic, rather than to be shot down(at times, especially the Eiffel tower).
  My say on the game - the game definitely puts down my disappointment on Call of Duty : Black Ops. The game is fun overall, and story line keeps you playing the game till the end.
  Overall, the graphics and sound effects have been awesome(as always). Finally I would like to put a note on how it worked on my laptop the HP Pavilion dv6000 with specs

  • - Intel Core 2 Duo T5750 @2.00 GHz
  • - 3.00 GB Ram
  • - Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard(64 bit) edition
  • - NVIDIA Gefore 8400M GS - 1518 MB(256 Dedicated)
  • - 150 GB Hard Disk
The game was playable in the rig(Yeah Surprise!). At minimum resolution and graphic settings, the game had a higher FPS than its predecessor. Definitely playable, but if you want to admire the engine at full swing, I recommend to not give this shot.

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