If Dhanush can do Kolaveri, why not Santhosh Pandit?

 Its been a month to a month I've been hearing about Santhosh Pandit(non-keralites, just Google his name. You can think of the mallu version of Justin Bieber or Rebecca Black). This sensation is going crazy all over news channels, Youtube, Facebook, theaters - name it. Apparently, lot of Fans Associations are also coming up(Wonder why!). Watched a couple of his interviews, but now really fed up of the gaga going over.
  However since a week, there is a new tone going all over India - Why this Kolaveri? - quoted as the National Anthem of teenagers by a newspaper report. What's so great in the song? A song with exposes the Tamil version of English? a.k.a Tanglish? I read somewhere that the lyrics was written by an 18year old teen. I have no offense on the song, or the creators - even I enjoy the music a lot(it never gets off my tongue), but I was wondering something, and let me jot it down the best way I can.

Plants vs. Zombies

 This might not be a high end scorching game, nevertheless a game for fun(which is what games are meant for!). This game, which has no high end graphics, neither diverse gameplay, is pure fun for people of any age(yeah!). I first played this game on Samsung Wave II(thanks to Noufel), but never thought it would be so addictive. I know its too late to write this article, but I can't stop myself sharing the fun!
 To master this game, all you need to know is the basics. Rest is strategy(if I can term it like that). You decide how to make your Plants fight the Zombies. The aim is simple, you have a set of attacking plants(which live on Solar power), and using these resources, you have to protect your house from the Zombies. Or else, Zombies eat your Brains!. This is how the basic layout looks(which changes over the levels)

Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 PC Campaign

  Ah! Its been a while since I wrote anything about games, but this is one of those franchisees which I cannot miss. Call of Duty, have been playing since the 2 installation, i.e., Call of Duty 2. I played it first on my PS2, an instant hit I should say. The next entries kept the glam of the game, and the obvious Call of Duty 3 was a hit too.
  Then there was a whole new shift in the game series with the launch of Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare. This game gave importance to dramatic twists in the game, making it more like a movie shot. And what this game had started on, led to the huge success of Modern Warfare 2, and now Modern Warfare 3.
  The story line, is the essence of the whole game. The anxiety and tantrums Modern Warfare 2 let lose, flows imminently in Modern Warfare 3. The game picks up right from the point where Modern Warfare 2 ends. I'm not putting up any spoilers here. But if you have never played this series, pick up Modern Warfare, finish it off, then move to Modern Warfare 2, and then Modern Warfare 3. Its a must play game for any sort of gamers out there.

Free SMS, Local and International - from your Phone number! JaxtrSMS

 Update The app works fine! The messages are getting delivered, and the UI is looking pretty sleek too! However, had message delivery issues for BSNL, or in other words, messages were never delivered to BSNL network. But other networks work fine! Tested for Tata Docomo, Vodafone and Airtel.

  Sabeer Bhatia, the founder of Hotmail.com, has come up with another innovative app for Mobile phones(of all platform - Android, J2ME, Symbian, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7). JaxtrSMS is a mobile app available for various platforms, and provides certain intuitive features which would definitely be helpful specially in India(with the TRAI regulations around)
 JaxtrSMS, unlike any other SMS app, literally simulates the SMS services. Most apps providing such functionality requires the app to be installed on both sender and receiver phones. But this does not have such requirements. Install it on your phone, and send a message as if its being sent from your Phone number. The receiver would receive it in his Inbox(as any other SMS), or in JaxtrSMS(if its installed).

Tablets with Wi-Fi in Bangalore Volvo Buses!

 Surprise! Boarded the bus today morning, and I seriously thought it was a dream! In front of every seat was an Android Tablet - an EAFT Magic Tile, with free Wi-Fi!
Its been only a few months since I've been to Bangalore, and Volvo buses are the main course of travel in the area of ITPL. Its comfortable travelling in those buses(compared to the local ones), but I never thought it would have these luxuries. With the launch of Metro service, free Wi-Fi services in Metros caught my attention, but I have never been there yet. But this feature, has certainly gone beyond expectations. Who would expect to have tablets in a public bus(that too in India) with free Wi-Fi services?

A Tribute to TCS - I Quit, Part 2

Read my whole experience at TCS here - My life with TCS - a Walkthrough
This is a continuation of my post - A Tribute to TCS - I Quit, Part 1
Last Thursday, I made a brief post on the decision I made regarding TCS. I thought I would give more details once the whole procedure is over. Sadly, its not over yet. The documentation process you did during joining, should be reversed over here too.

So to those wondering how it is done, here you go.
  1. First you have to find the person to contact for Resignation. Login to your Ultimatix account(TCS Portal), go to HR Managemement - > Employee Self Service - > Workflow. You will get the name and email id of the person to contact for the same.
    Put in a mail to the person, and he will get back to you soon via phone and email to redirect you to the further procedures(Make sure you include your phone number in the mail).
  2. After getting the details of the new person, go and meet him/her. In my case, she asked me a few questions, like Why leaving? etc. Then would talk about the details of release. There are two important things to keep in mind before release
    • A month's prior notice, or else you will have to pay the basic pay of the rest of days. i.e., for example you want to leave the company on Nov 14, and you inform it at the beginning of the month(Nov 1). So the basic pay of Nov 14 to Nov 30 should be paid(Close to Rs.500 per day). This is not required if you make the notice one month in advance.
    • Service agreement(if you are in Bond period). This amount should be paid as a DD. Even if you have made a Fixed Deposit, that amount would be returned to you within two days.
  3. After this meeting, you will be asked to take an Exit Interview on you account in Ultimatix.
  4. Then you have to meet another person, who would give you certain forms to be filled(PF transfer/withdraw, Correspondence details etc.) 
That's it!

A Tribute to TCS - I Quit, Part 1

Read my whole experience at TCS here - My life with TCS - a Walkthrough

Hope you have read my previous post on how the Post ILP was - Read it here - 
TCS ILP - a makeup that thrills freshers?
 Joined my base branch Bangalore on September 12, 2011, and its been almost 60 days since I've reached here. There are no records of my existence in Bangalore TCS though! The 90 days gave me a lot of thoughts - what should I do? am I wasting myself? Can I do something?
So in quest to solve these, I went on in search of more opportunities. Have lot of cousins working around in the IT field, and referrals were quite easy to get. And I got one, in a company I never heard before - Kalkitech. I went through the interviews, both in Kochi and Bangalore, and bingo! I got an offer over there. The package and bond details held me back a bit. But one question pushed me into it - What have I got to lose?
Twenty days of intense conflicts with family and relatives, and ofcourse within burning head. And finally I decided - I Quit.
Read more - A Tribute to TCS - I Quit, Part 2

Chit Chat for Facebook

   Facebook is the most common social networking site used all over the world especially in America and Europe. Friends share their every single feeling with one another. Pictures, videos, status, comments and chat are the basic features of the Facebook. You can chat with your lot of friends at a time but the only problem in this chatting feature of the Facebook is that you will have to open the Facebook page on your browser to continue the chat. This continuous opening of the browser can be quite hectic. Luckily we have been blessed by the technology, and nothing is impossible when the computer technology is with you. To solve this problem of chatting, a brilliant software has been launched which is named as chit chat for Facebook.  This evolutionary Facebook software application has made Facebook chatting as simple as messenger chatting.