You're Welcome OR Your Welcome?

 I've been in a dilemma for quite a long. Whenever someone comments in my Blog, while typing down a note of welcome, I always do it like this - Your Welcome. But it sounded odd to me, to be on the safe side, I always used the alternatives - The pleasure is mine, Glad to help etc. I've been in this confusion for months now, and never bothered to Google it.
 Well, today was the day. Finally I decided to break the ice. So I Googled Your welcome. And Tada! The first result made me LOL! Take a peek -

Ha! So I'm not the only ignorant person around.Or is it the influence of Social Networks which make us less bothered about spellings and conventions? And I found the answer to my confusion.
You're Welcome --> You are Welcome
Which definitely means Your Welcome would mean something like Your Foot! Glad that I've avoided putting that up.  Even the Image results gives quite a lot results with Your Welcome. I bet there would be a lot of people not so bothered about it, but it seriously does. Don't it? Read my article which stresses the importance of the way you type in Public profiles here - Few points to build up a Virtual Identity. And I bet there are lots of such dilemma-tic phrases around. Care to share a few? Leave a comment! 

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