Windows XP turns 10, still rocking!

 I still remember the days when I got my first PC, it was 8 years ago(yeah, I know it was too late! But my parents never let me own one!). Back then my soul purpose of owning a PC was to play Grand Theft Auto 2. Awesome game it was back then, and I do remember how excited I was to get hands on Grand Theft Auto 3. The first Operating System installed in my rig was Windows 98, considered to be the most stable one back then(and it was for quite a long)

 But then we had a popular trend, having dual Operating Systems - Windows 98 and Windows XP. So I put in Windows XP, and it looked really good(compared to retro looking Windows 98). That combo stayed for a while, and I believe I had it till 2007! Then I threw out Windows 98 and Windows XP was the lone ruler. Then came Windows Vista, with deceptive looks - it was a utter failure. My desktop kept running Windows XP.

 Windows XP hit the markets on October 25, 2001. Even though Windows 7 released later on, and I should say the best Operating System by Windows so far, people got used to Windows XP. And the reign actually still goes on. According to a study, this is how the Operating System distribution goes.
 Not at all surprised to see those stats. Its a fact, when people get used to something, they tend to stick to that, even though there are tons of other better options. But the current technology trend demands you to change, and if you don't - you become obsolete. There is nothing wrong in continuing with Windows XP, and no one will kill XP. There are lot of themes that make XP look exactly like Windows 7/Vista.  In fact Microsoft want Windows XP to die, and apparently it does not look like making any progress. Read more here - Microsoft to XP : Please die, Already. Microsoft has put a deadline for XP support as April 2014. Hope people switch to Windows 7, or even Windows 8 by then.
Like this if you used Windows XP!

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